Call centers

Has any one used a call center before. If so name, was the experience good.
If you like the service could you please give me there info.
John Cordell

What if we think the service is lame?

I would like to know there name so i do not make the same mistake!!!

I used a call center my first six months in business because HomeTeam provides one to its franchises at no charge for those first six months. The charge is minimal after that, but I choose to answer the phone myself since it’s difficult to explain to a call center not to book an inspection for 8:30 in Carlsbad and then an 11:30 inspection in Alpine (90 miles away).

If you use a call center, try to use one that is familiar with the home inspection industry or be very, very specific about what they are to do for you and what they are not to do. I think you’ll find that they won’t be able to or won’t want to do much other than take messages. Well, for the cost, then, you might as well just answer the phone yourself to begin with.

I went the call centre route for a while and found that I was losing inspections because the agents and the clients wanted to talk to the inspector directly. Agents especially want instant answers and bookings and are unwilling to wait for a call back. The alternative, as Russel said, is to have someone making appointments for yo and that is just not a good thing!

So now I feel like a dog on a leash and carry my cel’ phone with me to which I have all my calls forwarded. Have to go , phone is ringing and I am salivating:mrgreen:

BLOODY SPELL CHECK! “dong on a leach”?!

Easiest route is to forward your home phone to your cell. I continue to get inspections from folks who say things like, " . . . you were the only one who answered your phone."

I toldly agree with Thomas, I am always readly to book the inspection. Make sure to always have an sence of ergentcy example ( if you book it today I can insure your spot on the schedule as my scheduale fills up very fast.) withch spell checker do we down load?

Thomas said it.

I have three telephone numbers and all calls are forwarded to my cell phone.

There are many times where I answer my calls while performing an inspection, (It’s unprofessional, but it’s money in the bank). I simply excuse myself from my client and find a corner in the house to take my calls and book inspections. I jot down bookings on a small piece of paper, then add these bookings into my schedule when I return to my truck.

"dong on a leach"?!


For what it is worth, I try to keep all my clients “local”. By that I mean I have three phone numbers for the business with three different area codes to cover all my heaviest business areas. All three of them are normally forwarded to my cell which I take ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE. I tell customers to call anytime and mean it. Hell, I got kids out in the world; the phrase “we never close” is a fact of life at my place. I am however, trying to train Hoover (the dog) to take calls for me after 9 PM.:cool:

sounds like something you might get skinny dipping:roll:

yep- that was from post $5

And make sure you answer those phones.

I proudly advertise that I am available 24/7, and, yes, that does include early mornings, late evenings, major holidays, and major sporting events like the Super Bowl, World Series, etc.

So last night at 10:34 I get a call from a Realtor who had been calling around and not getting any answers. While she was calling around she was opening her mail. She got to mine with my availability statement and called. I booked an inspection for 1/28 on a 2900 SF house for $549. That tells me a lot about my direct mail, my marketing, my principles, my tactics, and my flexibility in answering my phone at all hours of the day.

If someone wants to spend money with me, I’m only too happy to help them.


I cannot remember the number of calls I have received after 10:00, with someone on the phone saying “Wow, I thought I would get a machine”.

Wrong, I never turn my cell phone off. I don’t remember ever loosing an inspection from a late night caller…:smiley: