Came Behind Experienced Inspector

I came behind an inspector with 23 years experience and over 30 years
in construction. Without an IR camera he had no way to see nine areas
that had moisture in the wall cavities. Inspectors have no idea how
vulnerable they are.

Below is just a sample of some of the moisture areas.

Looks like cooler air to me! Especially at the last pic, cooler air infiltrating under door.



How much moisture was detected in the walls?

There is some cool air coming under the door. That is true… but I report
ALL moisture and it is ALWAYS confirmed with a moisture meter and ALWAYS
exceeds 16% or more before I report it. Why do you folks challenge such
simple find as a moisture.? Most of the moisture was 24% - 50%.

Well David, I have to agree with you again and I don’t have a clue on IR.

What puzzels me is that the guy had 23 years experience as an inspector and 30 years in Construction and assumming he was 20 when he started, Hell, no wonder he missed it, he was 73 years old.

Must not have been Roy. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thank god for the clause “we can’t see in the walls”.

He may have been a part time inspector during the beginning of his career,
like many inspectors have done, especially considering that when you go
back that many years, there were not that many homes being inspected.

Mock if you like, but without an IR camera, you are running the risk of not
finding things that the eyes cannot see. If some wish to live with that,
then that is their choice.

If you cannot see the moisture in the IR images, that have been confirmed
with a dual function moisture meter… it might help to get some training.
Once the client discovers later that there is major moisture damage
in various areas, the cause of the moisture will come into question. This
issue is not to be taken lightly.

None of the images look like latent moisture patterns to me. But, I was not there.


Put your claws back in John! :stuck_out_tongue:

So how many years of your inspection career did you operate without an IR camera? Just curious.

I was an inspector for approx. 9 years without an IR camera.
Once I got the IR camera it scared the hell out of me when I saw
all the issues that could not be seen with the eyes.

The images of moisture in limited delta T conditions test the skills
of an IR thermographer. Dual function moisture meters, mold
and exterior inspections all help to confirm the presence of moisture
in the wall cavities.

John IR is a great devise, but to imply that just because everytime you by a new tool your better than us is just wrong.
Surly you can see this.
I just bought a new truck so I am better than you guys-oh forgot to mention my new power screw driver , you guys all got a power screwdriver right ?
If not you are all going to be sued because you are not as good as me .

Ford or Chevy Bob???

I got me one of them thar tape measury things the other day. :neutral:

An IR camera will help an inspector (all inspectors) find more defects,
I would consider that a good thing. Before I had an IR camera, I am
positive that there were issues I never found. I am willing to admit reality.
The challenge is to see this without taking it as an insult. There is no insult
in seeing the benefits of a certain tool, over not having that tool.

I am sure the inspector I came behind is a good inspector. That is why I
feel sorry for the guy. He does not even know what has happened.
Fortunate for him, I am not the prosecution collecting evidence against him.


I think we all know, but for you to say we have no idea how vulnerable we are is a little insulting. Isn’t that why we have a pre-inspection agreement? What’s next sewer inspections with a camera

Did two IR inspections today and one home had no concerns .
Other home had many places looked just like that only I could find no moisture so I called it out as a cold spots.
Our Outside temp was -10 F so most of our moisture is white.
The IR to me is just one more tool .
I have got along for many years with out and feel a good Inspector can continue to do a good job with out one …
Roy Cooke

John …I am just trying to help you see why your post looked insulting to those of us not finding IR as a requirement to join NACHI.
Linus answer is TONKA, a good sturdy truck and low maintenance.
Heck ,Ralph Nader does not even have a drivers license and he runs for President.