Camera for Wind Mitigation Inspections

Hi, I am posting this here instead of other places because I would like the opinion of those doing wind mits in Florida.

The shooting conditions in an attic are unlike any other environment.

Low light shooting and optical zoom are likely the most important features.

Sometimes it is very difficult to get the roof to wall shot from a far distance.

Some problems I have encountered is not being able to focus specifically on the strap and the shot being to far for the flash to work well. I would think a camera that can reach high iso numbers may help with these problems.

Please let me know if you have something that you love or hate.

I do have quite a bit of camera experience but normally use canon products and are not very familiar with other makes.

My last camera was a canon s80 and it worked well but poorly in low light and did not have very much optical zoom.

Thanks to all who contribute in advance.

As a side note does anyone else think it is un-safe for the insurance companies to demand some of the pictures they demand.

I personally think that OSHA should get involved because I do not feel it is worth the risks involved to get some of the pictures the morons behind the desks want.

I use the Kodak easy-share. It is hard to get to the edges to get pictures of the wraps or clips. I don’t want to spend 1K to get a camera that will most likely get damaged in 6 months.
The picture of the clip you posted came out pretty good. What camera was that?

talk to condo Bob about his Sony…

Canon SX130 has been great for this - 12X Zoom with a good flash Not overly expensive.

My 5 year olds :slight_smile: I was right next to it from a hole in the ceiling.

She let me borrow it. It is a canon shock and water resistant D 10.

It has a small crack in the display from letting the teens use it unsupervised at a pool on our summer vacation.

It is kind of slow and not wide angle enough to show markings on trusses. It is hard to get far enough away.

Is great underwater.

I use the same. Very happy with it.

I also use the SX130 for attic shots. Sometimes I have to put it my extension pole rig and hit the timer button, but the 12x zoom works most of the time.

Mike I use the Ryobi 4tek camera that runs on their 4 volt lithium ion. I have most all of the tools, the inspection camera, 2 flashlights, the volt meter, the digital thermometer, camera. The flash on that camera will light up an entire attic. It has to easily be the brightest flash I have ever seen on something so compact. I can illuminate a gable end from halfway in the attic. It has a good zoom and also digital zoom. As far as the clip/strap pics, if the attic is too low sloped to get to the connection, I took a $5 wooden broom handle from Lowe’s and drilled a hole in the end all the way through, then stuck an inch and a half threaded bolt through it with 2 larger washers . I screw my camera onto that bolt. The handle gives me an extra 5+ feet of reach (not including outstretching my arm) and I just put it on a 10 second delay, shove the stick with the camera on the end down to the connection and wait till it goes off, pull the whole thing back, examine the photo and repeat if need be. It’s easy, quick, and painless, no more having to squat down or balance on 2x4 trusses on your knees.

Thanks i have never even considered that one. I wonder who makes it for them or if they actually make it? i will reasearch it.

I am pretty sure Ryobi themselves make it…well China makes it and then Ryobi slaps their name on it, but you get the point…

I use a Kodak Z710. 10x optical zoom and another 5X in digital after that. When the light is low or the shot too far for the flash to be effective I use my bid honking (1mil candle power) attic light to add what I need in lighting.

Man, the insurance companies has us jumping through hoops!

I took a $5 wooden broom handle from Lowe’s and drilled a hole in the end all the way through, then stuck an inch and a half threaded bolt through it with 2 larger washers . I screw my camera onto that bolt.


Great idea, thanks for sharing, I am all over that one! I had a gold ball retriever rigged up but that is a much better idea. You ROCK !

Russell------they don’t have us jumping through hoops they are turning us all into SNAKES (-:

Get Low, get low- get low- get low-get low hehehehehehehe

Nikon CoolPix 21x Optical Zoom. Got it at Sam’s Club.

Nice zoom factor, does it fit in your pocket? Jeans? I want something good but I need to be able to throw it in my jeans or shirt pocket.

I have found that is a great way to bust them Kevin.

If you lean or push against or even squat the pressure can break the display and such. It has happened to me.

I recommend always using a case of some sort clipped somewhere towards the front of my waist works for me.

Mike, i don’t think the camera matters too much. If you have one with a 10x optical zoom, great. If you have image stabilization great. If it hits the floor, it really hurts your pocket. I don’t like the idea of anything around my neck in an atticso i use a cheap 10mp camera for wind mits, because it gets pretty beat up, and get my zoom by attaching it to an extendable pole, that has a reach of about 14’. The pole is only 4’ when retracted. I have a small flash light set up on the end as well as the camera, that way i know i’m getting the picture i want. My camera takes two pics 3 seconds apart so i can get both sides of the truss in one go. Pole gets very heavy at full extension, but on a low slope roof it means i don’t need to do anymore than stand on ladder. The pole also works great if there is insulation in the way, just unscrew camera arm and attach a ‘fork’ and pull insulation out of the way.

G.E. A1455

Good camera for all around pic taking…I have been using it for the past 6 months and it is holding up well…eats batteries though…

Got the info from a different thread about cameras.

now that is a great price but I am looking for more opticle zoom. thanks.

Unfortunatley, No. It’s really not that big, though.