Do you know what sucks?

Doing 4 wind mits the furthest one 1 hour South of me then getting to the office and having your SD card crash. If you have a laptop with you I would upload all you photos to it before leaving the site.

3 weeks ago I had a CF card crash after a modeling shoot and today a SD card after my full day of work.

I take very good care of them but it seems that they do wear out.


Just venting no help needed. If you have a camera that can save to 2 cards at once like my big camera I would definitely do it.

If you had an Eye-Fi card (one was demonstrated and given away at the Florida Insurance Inspectors Chapter Meeting) this would had never happened. It send the pics to you computer as you shoot!

You know I did think about that and I even thought I bet John has one. My laptop is old and slow as the power supply on my fast one is shot and next to impossible to get repaired so I have not tried one out yet.

What kind of range do you get. I would hate to carry my computer up into an attic. I would like one that sent them via cellular to email or something.

When it rains it pours.

I do have one and many times leave my computer in the truck and the pictures are sent via my phone wi-fi.

Is your computer tethered to your phone? It looks like I could leave the computer in the truck on then when in it would upload right away?

I saw a I phone app but nothing for android.

It would be great if while on site the photos went from the camera thru the phone to a cloud somewhere.

My Droid is a Hot spot and the computer and Eye-Fi are networked through it.

so can it work and send the photos somewhere without the computer?

I always upload and save em as soon as I get back in the truck. BTW, I heard a guy did like a week of reinspections without saving the pics and his kid erased them.

NO You need a puter, camera card and network.

John thanks for all the advice.

Dennis I still don’t feel any better. :smiley:

Android is far better than iphone in networking.
My EVO will power 8 devises by creating a hot spot with no wires.

Do you have to pay extra to form the hot spot? To the service provider…

Tell me more about the eye fi card. Is this a standards sd card?

i found it by googling it all the info is right there. it seems pretty cool and not to expensive.

Wow that bites, Thanks for the info on the cards crashing though. I never thought about it. the worst that ever happened to me is leaving a camera on the back of my truck after an inspection at the far north end of my inspection area.
good news is that I have a photographic memory, Bad news is it only holds 12 pictures.

Yeah it surprised me as well 2 different cards in 1 month. I am starting to wonder if my computer did it to them. Sad thing is I do not remember which computer I tried to use when the first one crashed 3 weeks ago.

I have been able to take a bad card to wal mart and it was able to read it. Then you pay for it to be put on a disc. It is still cheaper than going back and less embarrassing.

what… at the little kiosk?

Yes at the kiosk.

Bought an Eye card yesterday, just so that I don’t have to mess with cables or remove the sd card from the camera any longer. It works great, a little slow even on my wireless network at home but I was very impressed. I guess I will now have to invest in a fancy phone with a high priced plan instead of straight talk with unlimited talk text and (very slow) web for $50 a month.