Camera pics using Homegauge

When you take pics under a specific Homegauge template item on your android, does it go to a folder. I notice the pics do not appear your phone in gallery. The reason I ask is I sometimes do a regular home insp and then a 4 point and have been doing 2 separate reports with separate pics. I would rather just download the pics from the regular inspection on my laptop and transfer the to the 4 point. Anybody got any ideas?

Jonathan Wilhelm

Just access the HG photo locker for the report you want the pictures from. You can do that from your laptop.

When you use the HG Companion, all your pictures are stored automatically in the report at the item where you took the picture. This is for speed as you don’t have to go search for them individually. When you cloud down the report onto the main version and open the report, click on the drop down at the top of the HG software “Find Unanswered” and change it to “Edit All Pics” then when you click the button next to it “Find First” it will then bring up each picture for you to add an arrow etc and as you select OK the next picture pops up so you can go through your pictures as fast as you can click an arrow etc.

As Scott mentioned, if you ever want to see all your pictures or where they are stored you can by going to the menu line at top of software and select Report> Show photo locker. If you delete a picture from the report that came in from the HG Companion, it still will be saved into the photo locker folder. This because some inspectors take “Storage pictures or Just in case” pictures and want them to stay in the folder for future access but not be in the report itself.

The filmstrip where all your pictures normally are is still used for cameras etc and can be used in addition to the HG Companion if desired.

I downloaded the app, " quick pic" It’s free. All you have to do in gallery is click on show hidden and look for the picture of the house. It’s the one you shot for the cover