HomeGauge Companion Picture Sizing

On the HG companion app I’m getting this picture size message. I cant seem to find in my settings to make the picture smaller. My question is, would this let me take lets say 70-100 pictures (a house with a lot of defects) and not hurt my upload. I want to make sure. I have a home inspection tomorrow and don’t want to finish with a report with 70-100 photos and cant upload the report. Has anybody with HG get this message? Take a load of pictures and not have a problem uploading.

Let me know.


I haven’t used it yet, but it might be in reference to the resolution of the picture. You’re supposed to shoot low resolution. 1.5 - 3 mp

Check the resolution settings of the device’s camera app. FYI I keep mind on 1024x768.

What device are you using?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3, I just found my MP setting. It was set at 13MP, Turned it down to 3MP. Pictures averaging 600 to 700 kb. This seems to work better. Picture quality still looks good.

I’m still waiting for the official release for the iPad.

Yeah, That oughta work. Look for a low MP setting that uses a 4:3 layout so that your photos are square shaped in the report. If you choose a 16:9 setting they will be landscaped. Hope that helps.

I did on a larger home, and I had to delete a lot of them to get the report to load.

See that gets me thinking, did you lose the pictures you took?

Download Camera ICS+. Get paid version (99 cents). Will allow you to set the resolution to VGA (Samsung’s camera won’t). That’s all you need to do and it works great.

I never upload my report via the cloud. I always manually upload at the computer.

So if you guys are having an issue with size, don’t delete your pictures, just go to the HG website and look for the article about manual file transfer. It is faster anyway.

Yes, hard lesson learned. I like the 4 X 3 layout but too many pixels. Now use the 16 X 9 and no more problems with uploads, just skinny pictures.

I have an S4 phone with camera set to lowest setting and also getting message photo may be too large. I installed the google camera app, set to lowest setting, 0.9 mps, and still get message.

I think I’ll fill out the report in the field for the time being. And take my photos separate with my digital camera, just till I have the time to play with it more.

Camera ICS+ is the way to go.

1 Megapixel is an adequate size. Many users even choose VGA (640x480), which is generally large enough for inspection photos. The smaller sizes will make the cloud transfer go much faster. If your cloud transfer is taking too long, consider lowering your picture resolution. This can be done in whatever camera app you are using. Some built-in camera apps won’t go to a very low resolution, so like it was said already, you can get a 3rd party app like camera ICS which may give you more options.

Thanks Russell.

Set camera at lowest. Once In a while a get a warning message but then I delete pic and take it again it works fine.

Try this helpful trick.
I use app “quick pic” from play store for photo gallery. It works nice to make sure all the pictures I want saved before leaving the inspection. Or to review photos in person with clients. One last pain is that in quick pic you have to go to settings and select “show hidden” then scroll through the pics and you will see the photo from cover pic of the house you took. It is also helpful when writing the report because I can easily zoom in to see more detail. Especially on data plates to get age. Hope this helps all he users.
Ed Chatterton

On the HG Companion you can click the Summary bar and all your pictures and their comments (if desired) will create a review feature where you can swipe each picture at the Summary for review.

The lowest setting on some camera’s are too low leaving a grainy picture when they click to expand. The next to lowest setting or around 1MP is optimum.

Plug your phone in to the laptop, go to homegauge the to reports in your phone. Click copy on the folder. Now go to documents folder on you computer, then homegauge then reports put paste open up Home gauge then go to open folder refresh the reports button wait for it to finish in your done