Where are the photos?

Wondering where the HIP photos are stored on the mobile device (Samsung note 4 in this case) and if there is a way to store them on sd card if not already there. I see some of my inspection photos in the phone gallery but not all of them.

The Android built in media scanner that shows pics in your gallery will pick up all the photos over time (or quickly after a reboot). It just doesn’t take scan at all times to save battery life.

The latest beta we have stores a full sized image locally on the device as well as the reduced size image. It’ll be public soon.

Thanks Dom, saw another thread about losing all the photos. Would be great to have all photos stored on SD so if there was a failure during inspection you could still remove storage disk ad have all the photos. Also would great to be able to view full size photos if needed.

Thanks Dom saw another thread about loosing all the pics at inspection. Would be great to have pics stored on SD disk so that if there was a device failure that the disk could be removed and pics viewed. Also nice to able to view full size pics if neeeded.

Dom replied.
My mobile photos are stored in gallery twice as you can click to have option to store full sized photos as well as normal reduced for mobile copies.

Go to settings and play with the options.

The full size gallery versions appear as you take them and it is up to you to save to the sd card as an option in your personal phone as all phones are different.
Mine save to the 200GB SD card that came with my LGV10.

Stop learning from HG as they have an inferior product .:slight_smile:

I have a Samsung note 4 as well.

I attached my phone to my computer, which opens up the phone like a harddrive.

About 1/2 way down, there is a folder that has homeinspectorpro in the name.

Open that folder, and there is a folder called “inspections”

Open that up, and you’ll see folders for all your inspections.

Open up an inspection, and there are all the pictures in jpeg form.

I discovered this when I knew I had taken a picture, but it wasn’t anywhere in the report. It turns out if you don’t say “ok” after taking a picture within HIP, it doesn’t out that picture in the report, but the picture is still in that folder, can be manually loaded into the report.

Also I can copy all my inspection folders over to my desktop and put them on a back up drive.

I don’t see any options in settings for where to save pics.

Sweet! Thanks Ian didn’t know that, I have ‘lost’ pics before and now I know where they went. :lol:

Yup, as the guys have mentioned, all pics are stored on the device until you delete the inspection.

Sam they save auto as mentioned by Ian.
They will appear in your photo gallery on the phone later on or you can force it by restarting.

Again they save full size by changing your HIP setting in the phone app to allow it.

If you do not see the option you never updated .

Having the selection tray available in the photo/caption area would be helpful.

I don’t see this setting, and as far as I can tell, I have the latest update (?).

Where do I set it?

He’s got the beta Ian. Dealing with a memory issue we need to fix before making it public.

How about a conversion tool to convert finished reports to different languages?

Letting actual mobile users use the beta would be helpful to everyone.

I hope dealing with this issue includes making **all **photos taken at any inspection are saved to a removable storage device as an option.

Can’t. We’d both get sued in a heart beat. No conversion tool is 100% perfect, especially with the type of terminology inspectors use. What happens when something is converted wrong with a totally different meaning? Easy lawsuit to win!

Well, there’s 20 guys using the beta right now. Since they’re using it I’d consider them mobile users!

Great looking forward to the updates!

There can’t be a clause that the report was converted to (Spanish, German, Japanese, whatever as a courtesy) and that the English version is the prevailing version should any litigation arise?