Camera vs companion

I have been using the companion. For two years now. I like it but am considering starting g to use just a camera and use the companion just for notes. I think it will speed up my time at the inspection. I waste alot of seconds switching sections that add up to many minutes.
As like many inspectors I build most of my report from the pictures I take.

I was wondering for those that do use a separate camera which one e do you use.

I have been starting to try to incorporate kenton template. Has anyone had time to trim it down.

Have a great Memorial weekend
Eddie Chatterton

I use a Nikon Coolpix S9600, in the locations that I don’t want to take my tablet.

Sony makes the smallest 20x optical zoom in the world and fits into all those wall cavities.

Just bought another wx350 last night to use on a 17 unit .The battery will last about 420 -450 shots according to Sony but I get about 500 before switching .
Usually good for two full jobs with video.
I now own 5 Sony cameras.

I use the companion for making 90% of my defect notes and entering most of my style and material information on site. I’ll take pictures of most minor defects with the phone but all of my general room photos, data and defect stuff i’m using a similar camera as Bob. The Sony cameras have a great wide angle but are very susceptible to dust damage that will effect the lens. I’ve now resorted to taking a tough camera into crawlspaces and my wx350 through the home.

I always take a pic of every room, attic space, basement, heating units, electrical panels and clutter and drop all of these photos into my report. HG has a great shortcut for dropping multiple photos into the report at once which is a great time saver. Perhaps Russell has a video he can link to show how its done.

John my last WX300 -same as 350 was dropped in a full kiddie pool last summer and is still working after 2 years of heavy use .It also goes on my camera pole in rain and snow .
Yes sometimes the zoom lens sticks and I blow out the sides to get it going or push it back and forth to free it.That’s why I finally got the new 350 and used it on a 17 unit building today.Hit every unit.

I had 2 wx300’s with stuck lenses so I just stopped taking them into crawls. Besides that, It really is one of the best shooting compact cameras I’ve owned. I really like the wx350 and I’m just going to have to be super careful with the dust.

Part 2 I go over the pictures and using multiple pictures:

Thanks John

Thank you guys

Bob I upgraded to the 350 as well. Great little camera. Fantastic battery life as you’ve stated. I can’t use another camera after this that’s how spoiled this thing makes you.


I use the Samsung WB350F, It is WIFI, 21X zoom, great camera, so I can use the remote viewer to my Samsung G5 smart phone when it’s on my Eye Stick 20 feet in the air looking at a roof. I also find the picture taking using the smart phone not great so I take my notes in home gauge, take a picture for reference and use my Samsung WB350F for the detail, works good for me.

I’ve been through a few cameras before I decided to buy the Oympus TG-860. It’s their Tough camera. <li class=“top-section-list-item”>Waterproof to 50’, Crushproof to 220 lb<li class=“top-section-list-item”>Shockproof to 7’, Coldproof to 14°F

I was in a crawlspace yesterday and got some dirt on it. Cleaned it with the garden hose.

I tried mobile report writing but I didn’t like it. I love inspecting with a just a camera. You just have to find a good report writing software that allows you to quickly write reports at home/office. I tried 3 different software’s before I settled on HomeGauge.

Just want to make sure that users realize that by using the HG Companion and taking the picture at that item with your device and HG template will place the picture or video “at that item” so you save many minutes when you bring it down to your desktop because all the pics and video are already at that item. Be sure and use the HG feature “Edit all Pics” when the report is on your desktop because it will take you to each picture automatically to add circles arrows text etc.

Russell, the point you are missing, which we have been discussing since companions inception, is the time wasted taking the picture in HGC. Yes you save time creating the finished product, but I am willing to bet most of us would rather save time in the field.

As others have stated, we take pictures of all rooms, appliances, HVAC etc. In less than 5 minutes I can get all of my overview pictures with a camera on a 3,000 sf house. With the companion it takes at least three times that.

What you describe is best used for taking pictures of defects, but my overview pictures like most, make up the vast majority of pictures I take, and wastes the most time. One simple solution has been proposed several times, place a home button on every screen. This one change cannot be that difficult.

The website is cute, but I would much rather see a faster HGC, or a HGC Lite.

Cute is a nice compliment. Thank you for that but rest assured there were many changes made to the functionality capabilities and a total rewrite of all pages to take us all to the next level of technology. Cute on the outside perhaps but smoking hot on the inside. Your buyers and agents experience was immediately improved as well.

Software improvements are coming.

Info on how to drop multiple pics at once please! (nevermind, just saw russell’s post, thanks guys)

I use the wx350 also and it’s awesome! The lens got stuck once and I tried air and it didn’t work, then sprayed some electronic safe lubricant on it and it worked, but now I have a weird rainbow look on my lens, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting photos so I haven’t bought another one yet.