Cameras - what do you use?

I’m on my third Sony Cybershot lasting going onto two or three years now. My problems were user abuse. With this one, I got a neck strap and it doesn’t come out of the case without the neck strap in place. (well, 99% of the time).

Each of the first two lasted through six drops (about a year and a half each) before they went a little wacky though both still work. Just not conveniently, broken battery cover on the sixth drop.

Finally went to the neck strap and haven’t had any problems.

That little orange autofocus beam is hard to do without in attics and crawl spaces. Just point the beam and shoot, almost like using a flashlight to take pictures.

Stick with the Sony Cybershot but, get a neckstrap.

George Kodak is cheap, but after research I have found them to have quality problems to go along with the easyshare software they force you to use.

Despite that , I would say that if getting Kodak I would get the touchscreen model,which allows you to type captions.
Do not have model in file on this computer ,but it goes for around $249

You do not have to use easy share software.

Yank the SD card and use it directly.

I will take your word for that Mike, but why bother needing to play around with pulling the memory out of a sensitive electronic device?

Is Kodak worth that kind of hassle?:slight_smile:

I downloaded easy share to play with and found my laptop slowing down.

Tried it twice just to be sure.

My wife has had a Kodak for years. (5 Mp)

I bought her a nice Canon last Christmas and use the Kodak for a backup.

Maybe just what I saw , but thought the Kodak stuff looked grainy.

Mp means nothing after 3 , but I could not see doing Inspection with less than 5 or 6 x optical.
Most of the models under $200 only give 3x optical.

Ok I can read your mind Mike ,and carrying a scope is another hassle.

I use a 12x optical Canon.

No argument on that one.

Despite one of the comments ,I have only heard good about Canon.

I still love the pics from my 9 year old Nikon coolpix, but the sony is fun.

6 optical for both ,though the Sony fits in my shirt pocket.

I would draw pictures before buying another piece of $hit–CANON…!!


I must of bought the cream of the crop when I didn’t learn my lesson with the first two or three I bought, simply junk, makes my blood boil thinking about them failing on me----:smiley:

Oh well…never again—:smiley:

These pictures were all taken with one of my Olympus cameras. Most at, or on my way to inspections. It also takes good crawlspace pictures.

Some real nice pictures Ralph, I would have some of those enlarged to wall size photo’s in frames…some beauties…!!

I never used the “easy share” software either. I have several other processing programmes that work fine. Not necessary to yank the card either as windows recognizes the camera as a storage device and handles all the heavy lifting from there. My pictures were not grainy ( on any of my other Kodaks either) so it must have been the particular camera you were looking at. At 27,000 photos ( and still going, but without the flash!) I can’t support any “quality problems”. Don’t overlook Kodak just because it is an American company. Lots of people missing out on some great G.M. cars for that same reason.

But then. I am the original ‘Mr. Cheap’ and cannot justify spending more just for a name.

Sony Mavica FD-200. I have used this camera since I started doing inspections years ago. It is still going strong. Same rechargeable battery. Uses no software to run. Yes, floppy drive works fine, but I use the memory card, and the cards are easily interchangeable. I only use the 620 setting, which is under 1.0 meg. This setting sends dozens of pictures via e-mail in seconds. Clients cannot believe the clarity of the pictures. A little bulky due to size, but I never lose it, or lay it down somewhere. Has video also. Buy on internet for almost nothing. Easy flash settings, larger buttons, and a zoom for crawl spaces.

Thanks for the information guys! That is a huge help as I consider what camera I will be purchasing to replace what I have now.

I shipped my Sony Cybershot out for repair today, I am limping along with my HP Photosmart (photo dumb) until it returns. ( The HP’s lcd display is toast, but you can still point and shoot in the general direction- hoping it is close enough. )

I am leaning towards my next camera not having any movable lens parts as this is often a problem I have encountered. Crawl spaces seem to be the hardest on these with all the dust, sand, dirt, etc.

Harold just take up rapid sketch drawing and you will be fine.:0

Seriously in general , I think you get what you pay for ,though Dale likes having a box full of cheapies.

The man must be a bull in a china shop. :slight_smile:

For camera shopping, check out the ads before they come out. Black Friday

This site is updated with additional stores before the big day.

I use a Kodak with a 10X zoom. It is a little bulky, but the zoom more than makes up for it.

Yeah , I looked at that one.
I may pick one up later ,just for the zoom at that price.

How are the pics looking?

Primary: Olympus 1030 SW, shock/waterproof. It lives up to its reputation. This is one tough camera. I drop it on purpose to ensure it survives the warranty period.

Secondary: Canon Digital Rebel, when I need super-high resolution and zoom capability

I have run across the Olympus SW series (s=shock resistant and w=waterproof) and thought that might be a good choice. No rotating/extending lense, and looks like you could drag it through a mud puddle. :smiley:

I will definitely keep this one on my list.