Can a 100 amp panel be upgraded to 200?

So I’m wondering, if the electric meter says 200v, 200amp, but the panel itself is a 100 amp breaker box, does this mean that just the panel box could be replaced to be 200 amp breaker box? You should have 200 amp service coming to the house, right? Because the electric meter is rated for 200 amp? Or is this not necessarily the case?

Electric meters with smaller amperages may no longer be available. That 200A rating means up to200A. Increasing the capacity of your panel is more involved than just changing out the panel. A total evaluation of what’s available from the utility and the service entrance cables would need to be done for that upgrade. It is not a DIY project.

100 amp is the minimum for residential and is ok. It doesn’t have to be 200 amp, but if an upgrade was to considered, Bob has it right. And the meter rating doesn’t always reflect the distribution amperage.

Short answer no. A 100 amp service will likely have 100 amp service entrance conductors and a 100 amp meter pan. The meter size is irrelevant.