Can a moisture meter detect ice?

Does anyone have an idea how effetive a moisture meter works in a house that has been winterized in NE PA, mostly under freezing conditions. I have an inspection in an older home this week and suspect, from what the realtor told me, that there may be some hidden water damage.

Does the moisture meter detect what is basiclly ice? My Protimeter manual doesn’t cover such a situation.


Dean Conrad

Maybe try it on an ice cube while it is still in the freezer what way it is less likely to start melting and give you a similar environment. Also possibly check with manufacture.

An IR camera can.

Thanks for the advice. I should have thought of the ice cube ploy. I’ll try it and let you know what happened.

Nick, I definitely want to get into the IR business. There’s a real need in my area.

Thanks again,

Dean Conrad