I can fix that

“Honey, the pipe coming out of the eave is staining our vinyl siding.”

Fixed it!

Maybe they used it to water a plant. :slight_smile: Did the agent insist it was still functioning as intended? :shock:

Cause Joe?
Thank you.

I have never seen this one before. What is the pipe being used for. Is thers an HVAC unit in the attic and this is the discharge. We don’t put stuff in our attics here. Just vapor barrier and insulation to keep us all warm and cuddly.

Aux. condensate drain / air handler pan drain.

Thanks Joe.

Might be the same fit it guy

At least he made it go around the window !! :slight_smile:

Now they can hang out door draps on the piping.:slight_smile:
Adds value to the home you know!!!