nice dishwasher drain

something about this just doesn’t look good.

this that is

Alegnani 031 (Small).jpg

Is that for the hot fudge toppings for the ice cream?

Rube Goldberg would be proud.

James, were you able to track it back to it’s source. I ran across this last week, although my example was copper going into the clean out, also mine example had been terminated, the just bent the copper back and forth in a few different places to crimp off the pipe.


I see the tire, is this a mobile home ?:mrgreen:

Bike tire. The waste piping was galv., copper, cast iron and abs. The potable was galv.,copper and cpvc, and all of this in a space of about ten feet.

Quite the configuration with a “Low Loop”…:-({|=

Is that a fiddle or a violin or a substitute for a banjo?..cuz I keep hearing the “deliverance” song…

You should have seen the electrical. The previous owner did a lot of work on that too. Found a hot ground because the house had metal boxes and ungrounded receptacles and the genius decided to use aluminum foil to insulate in between the box and receptacle!