Can anyone identify what this is?

Please see the attached picture…located on the exterior near the garage…thanks!

Raffi Agaian

Do not see any picture.

Here is the picture.

Low voltage block.
Security most likely.
Tear out.

Thanks Bob!

It looks like a pest control system that runs tubes through the wall and the pesticide was powder pushed with nitrogen. It was getting big here for a while.

Google Tubes in the Wall

pestube_2.jpgKnew I could find it. Some ports are different but this is it

Never saw anything like that in my life so might be worth checking out.
One would think there would be a extermination sticker in the box however.
California ,so it is a warm weather climate.

Gotcha :mrgreen:
Never saw them till I moved south

Must be this.

Electronic Battleship comes to mind…

I’m here all night :slight_smile:

No seriously, my nephew has a similar system in his home in AZ. Very nice way to control pests imo.

Same thing Bob. We had it in a house down here. Worked great. Pest control service is like water service down here. Critters everywhere.

very nice, never saw one

I usually just step on them.

German_roach_Infestation.jpg Go for it Bob:D but get the pointy boots.
La Cucaracha


Todays client was an exterminator and we were discussing roaches.
I like smoke bomb followed by Pyrethin then after two weeks you gently powder puff in Boric Acid.
The things lay about 200 eggs every 2 weeks.

It appears to be “Home Team Pest Defense” tubing. These small blue tubes run throughout the perimeter of the residence in the wall cavity and have very small holes in them. They are ran while the house is being built and the wall cavities are open. They install pesticide in little hoses that connect to the blue tubes that run throughout the house. They pressurize the tubes so that the pesticide is distributed throughout the house and disperses through the small orifices to distribute the pesticide. Prevents from having to spray at the interior of the residence. So no physical spray present and the person never has to enter the residence to do preventive treatment.

Creepy to me only because I picture a psycho dropping cyanide in there to kill people.

Seriously I guess in a climate like Florida you have lots of insect issues.
Went down once and still remember Si Fi like roaches the size of mice climbing on walls.

Size of mice? You must have seen the babies. They are so freakin big, they call them palmetto bugs just so they don’t scare the **** out of yankees!