Can anyone identify what this is?

Scared me back north between that and falling asleep in my car on the beach to wake up being educated on tides.

The only good part of that trip was this Boa Constrictor some nice young lady performed with at a place on the beach the night before.:mrgreen:

Boa Constrictor? I thought she gave you the nickname, “red worm”.

All I can say was we took a trip by driving down decades ago and to this day all I need to do is mention the Florida story to certain people and have the same words repeated back at me like an echo with knowing looks “oh …the Florida story”

One day I may write a book about it.

Pest Control Manifold

Can anyone please just answer the question and state exactly what it is?

You mean like in post #8 and post #18? That kind of answer? :roll:

Ah ,do not fret Stephen as these old fuddy duddy types pass through once in a while.:slight_smile:

You guys ever hear of the difference between posting a link and answering a question?

I mean like in not posting a link.

I mean like talking wif your mouf.

Don’t see a link posted here at all. It is named, describes the system and it’s operation.

Did you just finish drinking Nick’s wine? :wink:

Apparently previous answers didn’t work for you. I posted the link to dumb it down a little.

Christopher, that ain’t dumb enough for me. I’m real dumb. Maybe you could explain it personally. Explain it completely, please.