Can anyone reccomend an email program for marketing to RE's?

I’m looking for an email program that I can plug RE emails into and then generate mass & custom email campaigns. Does anyone have any experience good or bad with a service like this?

I don’t send much in the way of emails but I really like Zoho Campaigns. I use their other tools and when COVID hit I dumped several thousand agents into it and sent out updates to the RE community. It was a very useful tool.

Thanks Michael, I’ll check it out.

I was looking for something to do this for my company, so I built one! I can help you get your email marketing automation set up. Sync it to your CRM so it all runs in the background! I have a pre-built and fully customizable email campaign designed to market to new buyers agents and convert listing agents into referring buyers agents. Even have a cool follow up after events campaign that is not a generic email. The cost is for the platform that you will pay with any service, but building the campaigns from scratch takes a lot of time. We have email templates and PDF handouts already created for you to modify and customize to represent your company. And you don’t have to use infusionsoft!!! Super easy to use after it is set up!