Anyone have any experience getting email lists from Real Estate companies?

I want to start sending out email marketing to the realtors in my city. I was to by several of the larger email marketing companies that they do not allow paid email lists to be sent through their system. Does anyone here have any experience in getting Real Estate companies to voluntarily give out their email lists of agents?

Thanks. Greg

I just ask our board of realtors for the list of current licensees’ e-mails quarterly.

In my area you can buy mailing lists from the Realtor board BUT not emaillists.

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You Can always go to the realtor website and click on the link for agents all of their contact information is right there

One of my friends took the local realtor membership directory, and hired a temp for 2 days to sit in front of his computer inputting info and emails

the widgets find all the realtors addresses for you in your zipcodes?