Can anyone recommend reserve study software?

We’re going to develop our own web-based system for members to use.

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What does it need to do?

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So then they can already use the 2 InterNACHI commercial templates that are in Home Inspector Pro. Anything other than that you’d like to be added in?

I think reserve study means predicting not only the life of systems but also the associated costs.

Might be difficult to teach that most important part of it.

I am very interested to see what this subject turns up.

Good luck. A license for the canned stuff out there goes for hundreds, if not thousands a year, per license.

This software is used heavily in my area for estimating costs.

I NEVER recommend providing estimates. Once the inspector puts pen to paper and signs his name to it, there are slews of potential troubles down the road.

Currently, I am involved bridging the gap between architect and engineering firms, the acquisitions folks for the federal government, and in-house engineers on major and minor capital improvement projects and maintenance projects.

I regularly go after the A/E forms for inaccurate estimating. These are folks who are well-versed in RS Means and a variety of extimating engiines. They also regularly use thhe services of professional estimators, and based on the coomplexity and size of some projects, perform analysis along the way to see how design development tracks to availble design budget, and throughout the construction process.

For those who do this regularly, it is an arduous task. When one iis dealing with an investment and a desision for someone whethher to purchase oor not, the stakes are higher.

Better have REAL E&O for commmercial iinspections iif you go down this path, or recommmend an independent estiator to the client, that you have the CLIENT pay directly. No kickbacks or referral fees. Stay at arms length.

Or disclaim all estimating functions.

Nick, how is your software coming along? I use a package we have developed call Reserve Studio. It’s a great resource that combines a central database to excel for fully customizable reports. I used Microsoft’s new lightswitch program which will enable you to develop a package and publish either to a stand-alone or web-based silverlight application.

If you’d like to see a sample of what kind of reserve studies I’ve been able to develop using this software combo, check out our Reserve Study page at:

or a short youtube demonstration of the software at:

Hope this helps.

A couple of options: Maxwell systems
Meridian Systems, **

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I know I am replying to old thread. The idea of an association performing their own reserve study is frequently dismissed by various professional reserve study groups generally citing reasons that sow doubt that only they are equipped to perform such an undertaking. In actual fact, for most associations which typically are small (less than a hundred homes) and having a small number of common area components to maintain … doing a reserve study is relatively easy. It does require diligence and it is very handy to have software to perform the financial analysis. I found this site very useful …

Have you been doing LSD? :smile:

Hello Roy, are of the opinion that only a professional reserve study individual can conduct a good reserve study? For most associations that are typically smaller, without club houses or other structures in the common area this is very doable. If the HOA falls into this category, then definitely this can be done. If the HOA has structures or other more complex environments, then certainly a level 2 or level 3 reserve study is easily within most HOA’s ability as that only requires an update. There are two key components to any reserve study:

  1. Accurate physical analysis
  2. Financial analysis

The most important is the physical analysis as that is key to developing a financial analysis. For less complex environments, this is much easier than the “professionals” would have you believe.

The financial analysis requires a good understanding of capital planning techniques or access to a decent software package.

By the way, Roy … perhaps an explanation with some details might be in order when you reply in the harsh tone that you did.

I believe the best reserve study software available is this …