I have my first inspetion but cant find all the software

How do I excess the software?

What software are you using?

I thought it was included with internachi

I’m curious. What made you think that? Decent inspection software cost close to $1,000.


the mock inspection, I have it scheduled now I’m stuck. No one said anything about buying initial products

No it doesn’t.

Why did you join?
NACHI is not a inspection software vender.
I’m sorry you made that assumption… And I don’t understand why you did.
Call me and I will give you a few pointers…OK?
The easy part is in the field…Writing the report takes some knowledge.


Try this… https://www.nachi.org/reportreview.htm

There are tons of reporting apps/ software but in a pinch you can probably find one that is free or pay per report. Free or cheap are not very good. Check app store. Then When you have time and money you are going to have to shell out some money. It could be around a thousand . It all depends how many inspections you plan on doing . Just do your research first. There are paper reports too.

Write your report in a word processor and give to your client. You don’t have a report generation application. That is all that the apps do anyway … they just place the comments you have developed over years of experienced inspecting into the areas where you want them.

It appears that maybe you should have done a bit more research before jumping in with the assumptions you have noted that you have made.

Home inspectors are known for their attention to detail. :wink:

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The should be carved in granite…Yep!

I am curious, how is it that the OP has the “InterNACHI® CPI” designation next to his posting name, but hasn’t completed a mock inspection? Four completed mock inspections are required for that designation, and without any knowledge about software or doing a paper report, obviously they haven’t been done.

Something doesn’t add up.


That’s a good question

Try tap inspect. First 5 Inspections are free, great tech support. Then $125 for 25.

Down load spectacular and you can pay by inspection. The cost is about 14.99 per inspection or you can buy it outright for like 600.00. I use it and live it.

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Use the App Store


First 15 free.
Never more than $6/report and often a lot less.
Best content available, but fully customizable too.

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