Can anyone tell me what this is and tell me if it is a defect?

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Stephen Brinson — their last post was 10 months ago

Next time try showing up in twenty months instead ten.

high-tolerance :smiley:

I wasn’t referring to you at all. There is a spam post immediately above mine.

Oh OK, not being defensive, just covering my butt because I didn’t want to get kicked off the forum. Thanks for clarifying

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    November 23

I wasn’t referring to you at all. There is a spam post immediately above mine.

That’s the one I was referring to also.

I stated in the beginning that I do not use this forum much. It would seem that the regular members and those that are moderators would have read my comment and taken to heart my input and work to make this forum more helpful and friendly. This does not seem to be the case, instead I get ridiculed.

Such as life.

Life is hard. It must be tough for you not to be able to bitch freely at others without getting a negative response back from someone you bitched at. You ain’t Greta and this isn’t your soapbox.

Try a topical contribution perhaps, instead…

Chuck, you just do not get it. But thank you for the additional ridicule.

Oh, but I do. You’re preaching instead of contributing anything remotely on topic.

This looks like a good place for me to “Bitch” about people calling Refrigerant “Freon”!!!

I can call a double lug “Two wires stuck in the wrong place” and get along fine with my clients. Do you think a client gives a rats ass if you call something a tap or a lug? They don’t need electrician terminology, they need to understand.

I know what you mean when you use Freon. Everyone here (and our clients) knows what is meant by “Dbl Tap”.

I cite code any time I want. However, I do not attempt to enforce anything as a code violation. Strapping a water heater is a code in California. We had three earthquakes in west Tennessee last weekend. The last big one made the Mississippi River flow backwards. Depending on the instillation, I may recommend securing the water heater IAW Calif. codes (which is an accepted method in many places).

My recommendations are simply that. None of you out there have authority to demand any repair.

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