Can asbestos be in old furniture?


I just learned that asbestos can hide in oven gloves and other materials and I am kind of getting paranoid. I have an old couch that is covered with some suspicious material. Is this asbestos?


My initial question would be does this couch need some form of insulation.

An oven glove would insulate your hand from the heat of the oven, So there probably were some made with asbestos material.

I do not believe the couch would be a need for asbestos.

Why is it suspicious ?
Are there labels anywhere stating it is fireproof ?
Never heard of such a thing.

There was some older oven gloves made with asbestos for obvious reasons. Never heard of a couch being made of asbestos. The couch looks as if it was made way before asbestos was banned anyways.

There is no way for us to know based on a picture.

If you really want to know have it tested by a qualified vendor.

looks like an old Herculon fabric from here…why would You think that was acm ?

is it friable?

Those colors on the couch are from the 80’s.

so even though asbestos is highly unlikely, its still a hazard?

…based on the colors damaging the appearance of your homes interior?

What Asbestos are you talking about? That couch has none because it is too new.

Tahitian cotton

Allen, I have no idea what Tahitian cotton is. Please explain.

It does not matter if there is asbestos in it nore does it matter if the oven mits are made entirely of asbestos.

The product itself is not hazardous. Friable (airborne) fibers may cause a health issue if a person is exposed to high airborne concentrations of the fibers over an extended period of time.

This type of fear is nothing short of paranoia.

Check with the EPA. The issues are well explained.


its more than paranoia- its marketing from people selling new things or services to rid the damagers. see RADON, MOLD,or LEAD for more information

Used to have a couch VERY similar to that one :slight_smile:
No asbestos in furniture that I have heard of.