Can everyone please pray with me.

Our Father, Who Art At Fenway

Baseball Be Thy Game

Thy Kingdom Come,

Playoffs Need To Be Won,

On Earth, Then On To The Cask ‘n’ Flagon

Give Us This Day, A Perfect Papi,

And Forgive Us Our Losses,

As We Forgive Those,

Like Eric Gagne’ !!!

And Lead Us Not, Into Desperation,

But Deliver Us From Any Losses,

For Thine Is The Power,

And The Glory,

To Beat The Rockies,

Forever And Ever… And The Yankees Still Suck!!!


Go Sox!!!

Dare I say Bill Buckner :twisted: The Red Sox curse lives… sorry

All kidding aside, good luck!!!:smiley:

The Rockies are closer to G_d, so better connection and response. :slight_smile:

Prediction : Rockies take the World Series for the first time in history…

Hey Steve…

It is ROCKtober…

Wrong sox made the playoffs

My prayer must have worked, The Sux have when 2 more games.

Go Red Sox!!!

Ok…now lets say a little prayer for my Orioles…I pray the OWNER stops being so TIGHT and finds some pitching next year.


Worth repeating, here we go again.

Please do not leave out the ROYALS in all this praying! For next year anyway!

Carl, all bets and prayers for other teams are off tonight. The Sox have to win the next two games to get to the world series.

Go Sox!

Babe Ruth

Bill Buckner

Bucky Dent

Aaron Boone

Take that!:mad:

And those days are long gone, just like a Papi home run!!!

**It worked! :stuck_out_tongue: **

**Keep it going! \:D/ **


The Sox are going to SPANK[size=2] the Indians, just as the Patriots did to the Dolphins this afternoon. We’ve done it before, we can do it again (2004 wasn’t that long ago, we still remember).

[size=7]GO RED SOX!!! !!!


Worth repeating!!! Again!!!