The Red Sox Are Soon To Beat The Colorado Team!

**The Boston Red Sox won game 7!:smiley: **

[size=4]We are on to the World Series and soon to :twisted: beat the snot:twisted: out of the Colorado “Rockies”!\:D/ [/size]

  •  *
  •  GO SOX!!!!!!*

Wake up from your dream. Its not going to happen. :smiley:

now let’s not be to hasty in your predictions. I’m sure the fans in Phili and AZ thought the same thing.

You forget that it is ROCKtober…


Don’t know who is going to win. Really want the Rockies to take it. But either way, I know that I will enjoy watching Manny and Big Papi hitting in Coors Field. Those could be some monster shots.

Ether way ill have a beer for the winner and the looser. and a couple more for good measure.


Shots are too much work. I like a 12 oz glass along side my beer.

Jay, that’s a New England term, when you beat the snot out of someone, like a punch in the nose.

Watching the world series is gonna be a wicked good time!!!

nother NE term.

In fact it will be a wicked good time if the Sox beat the snot out of the Rockies!!!

I am a diehard RedSox fan and the Rockies scare me a little bit. They have been on fire. I like the fact that they had so much idle time, I think it’s to the Sox advantage. This will certainly be an interesting series for sure.

Too bad Colorado can’t figure out how to sell tickets. I live about a mile from the Rockies stadium and I know I won’t get to go.

Then again… GOOD THING I’M NOT A SPORTS FAN :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Hey Pete
Dontcha mean we’ll beat the ***ROCKS ***[size=2]outta the ***[size=4]SNOTTIES!!!:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:


Kenton, it is a good thing your not a sports fan… that way you won’t be disappointed when the Rockies loose.

The Rockies.

Just goes to show you that you can have a good baseball team without having to pay millions for prima donnas who don’t want to work too hard.

This fact is often lost on the East Coast elites and the midwest yokels.

In any case, baseball is over rated. To me, it ia just a game of nervous ticks.

Now, Rugby. There’s a game worth getting worked up over.

**What Fans? :-({|= **

Does Phili & AZ have a :|.)PROFESSIONAL:|.) Baseball Team?

**I think that their record speaks for itself! **:roll: :mwa-hah: :mwa-hah:

**TOOOO Bad I don’t drink!:stuck_out_tongue: **

I guess that I will have to watch the SOX :ouch:beat the snot out of the Rockies:ouch: stone cold sober! :mwa-hah: \:D/

I believe AZ has a much better World Series record then the red sox do, Undefeated at home, as I recall, in World Series play.:stuck_out_tongue: In fact I believe it was a sort of a “Spank the Yanks” affair, something the sox are not really known for. :twisted:

I guess a win every hundred years or so passes for excitement in certain areas. :wink:

10/22/2007 10:20 PM ET
World Series tickets on sale at noon Tuesday


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After suspending the sale of World Series tickets Monday afternoon, the Colorado Rockies announced that the tickets for the three games scheduled to be played at Coors Field will again be put on sale online only at noon on Tuesday, Oct. 23. Fans will once again be directed to the Rockies Web site at “It’s been an extremely frustrating day for our fans and the entire Rockies’ organization,” said Keli McGregor, Rockies team president. “Our Web site, and ultimately our fans and our organization, were the victim of an external, malicious attack that shut down the system and kept our fans from being able to purchase their World Series tickets. Throughout the day we’ve evaluated all of our options, and we continue to believe that the online sale approach is the most fair and equitable method to distribute the tickets. Our partners at and Paciolan have fully assessed the situation and assured us that tomorrow’s online sale will go as originally planned.”

This, after I spent an hour and a half on two different systems trying to get FireFox and IE to load their darn website for ticket purchases today…sheesh…:frowning: