Can I steal something from you guys....

Can I have a picture of a wire (grounding wire) crossing the panel board (breakers and buses) inside an electrical cabinet panel?

They are not white but crossing…

IMG_0061 (400 x 300).jpg

I think he was looking for a bare (grounding) conductor.

I remember seeing that somewhere but can’t seem to find it…

If you want some hair raising photos of electrical discrepanies I can just email you a file I have of them. I am sure I have one of a ground crossing over the panel but I would have to filter through and I do not have time right now. If you need to use any of the photos in the file let me know. It is just easier to do that than go through the thousands of photos I have on file. Mine are by address mainly but I do have one large file of nothing but Elec.

any chance i can take your photo because one of my frenid on other forum been looking for the canadian verison of the breaker box with enclosed main breaker cover on it…

Merci, Marc

P.S. if you want to reply in French you are welcome. Je parla francis.

Help yourself Marc!


I have a higher resolution pic if needs be where you can see the double taps neutral.

Man, that would be awesome.

Believe it or not, that is the 1st time I have seen a Canadian style panel.
If you have any more pictures of them, would you mind posting a few?