What is wrong with this picture??

200 amp service equipment.

12501 NE 1 Ct Miami(Laine) 3.jpg

Ill advised use of “double” breakers?

What is your opinion, William?

That jumper connection at the top bothers me. I am assuming that it is a copper to copper splice (as the other cable is copper). The downsizing of the wire is raising a red flag to me. Wanted to see what you gents thought about it.

The neutral wire is frequently smaller. Although it looks strange----GE makes a 200 amp breaker that looks like that with each of the four segments marked 200amps. I don’t like it but I am told that they are OK. Let’s see what Paul has to say. Could you see any “issues” with the way the splice was done?

The splice looks neat enough…

I guess my old eyes can’t see the reduction in conductor size.

Was the smallest conductor rated for the service amperage?

Well I will give one thing to start the ball rolling…needs to WRAP that “Grounded” conductor with some white tape for starters.

Who’s Next…can only do one at a time…:slight_smile:

Hint…I am seeing COLORS…thehehehe…and misleading colors at BEST…:wink:

Does that panel have a bridged bonding connection on the bottom to connect those two buss bars, and is the buss bar bonded to the panel enclosure…can’t see that from the image…probably lower and on the LEFT.

Whooops!! Boy do I have egg on my face-----the splice is not the neutral and then I would definately have concerns about the wire size change. Sorry about that.:oops:

The splice looks ok, can’t really tell if the conductor is smaller or possibly just a change from lets say USE to THHn or something in the panel…would have to get a better look at it to tell.

Hey brother…no egg…you made a GREAT recovery…:slight_smile:

Can’t see any GEC leaving the panel. :shock: It too might be near the bottom.

There is no dead front cover!??

No color designation for the Neutral.
…and the orange sheathed conductors were made in China…

lol…what don’t you like my colors hint…lol

Almost looks as if uppermost red conductor to top right breaker has a damaged (or burned/melted) sheath.

None of the smaller wires coming in from the top are protected by sheathing through the clamps.

Looks like the ground wire is rubbing the hot wire lug

That’s what she said…

I love all the comments guys. Some of you raised questions that I did not think of, and others clarified things I needed to know.

This is a typical upgrade that was done without permits by the realtors boyfriend. His work is better than most, but still leaves a lot to be desired.

What’s wrong with the colors Paul? Other than the missing tape on the neutral I haven’t really seen a problem. Maybe I am just missing something. I always do badly with pictures.

Well greg…I did not say it was technically a violation but I dont like seeing Orange colors in a 240/120 panel. Around my area the AHJ will flag anything that is not 277 and so on with Orange.

Generally would not see that color being used unless it was a high leg situation or different voltages…others may disagree.

Greg…I agree as well…one of the hardest things I feel their is to do is make comments on pictures because their is always something I just can’t see…which is normal for me because I do wear glasses and today they have PAINT all over the lenses…painters were on the job today and I was running around like mad making sure my boxes were not SPRAYED to high heaven.