Can I use wire nuts for grounding wires in an outlet box?

I used properly sized wire nuts and a pigtail wire to connect the grounding wires in my outlet. So the wire nut has three grounding wires in it - one from the wire coming into the box, one feeding the outlet, and the other going on to the next outlet.

I’m told by my contractor that I cannot use wire nuts, that I have to use crimp connectors for the grounding wire. Is this true? I’ve got about 75 connections done this way so I’d like confirmation before taking the effort to change it all before the inspection. I want to do it right according to code and will change them if needed, but I thought wire nuts were an acceptable alternative for grounding wires??

No idea where you live but it’s OK in my area and I expect it is approved in most places… Roy

There is nothing in the NEC to prohibit this. Is this a local amendment?

Unless there’s a local amendment as Jim mentioned standard wire connectors are fine for EGC’s. You just cannot use the Greenie wire nuts (with the hole in the end) for ungrounded and neutral conductors.