Can Insurance Adjusters do Re-inspections?

How do I track a insurance adjusters license number. I went to and had no luck.

A insurance adjuster will be performing my re-inspection and I want to make sure all is straight with them before I allow them to do squat.

I would suggest making the inspection easier for the inspector instead of harder. Give em the professional courtesy that you would expect.

The short answer is yes. A last minute change was made during the Citizens Re-inspection program that included insurance adjusters.

Yeah, because they deserve it? :roll:

I expect professional courtesy because I work for the client. They work for the Scum of the Earth.

Maybe they should not have bid so low just to buy the right to do the inspections.

I am gonna make it as tough as possible on them :slight_smile: :smiley: :cool: They have only been trying to schedule for a couple of weeks.

Thanks Chris.
Any idea if they are licensed and if so how do I check their info?

Insurance adjusters are licensed through the FL Department of Finance

Thanks Michelle. Any idea how to verify it?

Dang, Mike. Are you not the guy who insists that he be allowed to do anything he can legally do to make money because he is licensed to do so? Insurance adjustors are licensed just like GCs in FL. So, using your logic, because you are a GC you should be allowed to do inspections why would it not stand to reason that a licensed Insurance Adjustor be allowed the same latitude? They have a name for that kind of double standard. Something to think about.

Thanks Eric.


They can surely do all they can. I am glad as it is as it should be.


They work for the Evil Empire, who want me to spend more money.

I work for the innocent client whom I hope I can save money.

I am fine with them being allowed to do all they can but they are the ENNEMY :smiley:

I will always fight my enemies.

I tried but failed to figure it out.

That is about all the effort I am going to put into it anyhow :slight_smile:

Mike, actually the reinspectors get paid more than you do 4 the retail inspection. And also I have told you before you can’t lose credit you deserve to have

I work for myself and I do not care one iota if my client gets discounts, buys a home I inspect or anything else. I am totally emotionless when it comes to my work. I truly do not care what my client does with the information I provide them with. It is none of my business.

I try to eliminate those that may be my enemies. It is much easier than fighting with them.

Dang, Mike you seem a little nervous here, need me to do a courteous walk thru for you… lol

Believe it or not I actually like it when I can save people a ton of money.
I would rather have people happy when I leave over being pissed any day.

I hate seeing them get screwed or losing their home due to overpriced insurance premiums.

The insurance is what it is.
If the discounts can be proved, then they get them. If not, it isn’t my issue.
In a perfect world, the lender, since they actually own your property until you pay them off, would pay for the insurance.
So you see, the homeowner is getting screwed twice in one swell foop!:mrgreen:

Yep they sure do.

Anyone can do re-inspections so long as they are approved by Citizens, cmon you know this!!

I thought the re-inspectors had to be at least licensed in something.

I know they have the right to use anyone but I did not know what their requirements were.

I thought HI’s could not do re-inspections?

I am not really to sure about any of it because I currently do not “have” to do them :slight_smile:

That’s right!
After reading this message board, Citizens called me today and offered Marshall a job! He will be over Friday @ 10 Mike!:mrgreen: