John Foutz Ready 2 Inspect Property Inspections

I was told by an inspector from Texas (I’m in Florida) that after a hurricane he makes good money doing some kind of insurance inspection for insurance companies. I’ve since lost touch with him but I was wondering if that sounds familiar to anyone. Do you need a special license? Where do you find the work? Etc…

You pay for all your own expenses, hotel (if you can find one with all the other inspectors flocking there) food, car, gas, etc.
They give the gravy jobs to the regulars. and you might have 8 or 12 inspections from here to there and yonder.
Typically they start you out at ~8 /day and if you work out they up it.
When I had contact with them they paid ~$55/per.
Oh and you have to make contact appointments with your over 18 job people on your own. And if you make mistakes, those inspections don’t count and you go out again.

It is not as rosy as it sounded.

As Larry pointed out for the disaster Inspectors.

If the Texas Inspector is performing these specifically for an insurance underwriter then he/she is a licensed Independent Insurance Adjuster. During disasters other States typically waive their licensing requirements if the Adjuster is already licensed in their home State. The independent adjusters have the potential for making some good coin but they have to jump through lots of hoops to do it. Many of those are no different than the disaster Inspectors out there.

Thanks Larry, that was helpful. I live in a hurricane prone area. Figured I could cash in after the storms but it sounds like it would be better to take a few days off and drive away from the storm rather than towards it!