Can someone build me a tamper resitant radon cage out of this? I'll pay you.

I would be happy to, my hobby is cabinet making
email me with what you want


I could too, but you need to design it as an enclosure fully screened so the equipment will still work as designed, provide a screened door access equipped with a door monitoring security alarm that is hooked up to the house alarm and the automatic dialer would call the security.

Second defense would have to have the unit hot wired to 220 volt system with a transformer that would only put out 10 amps. Enough to sting and not kill.
So the next day, It would be safe to assume that the $120 + unit is still in the screened porch.

Maybe we can join forces in you building and I will provide the specs. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :wink:

Marcel, You should not offer electrcal advice.:stuck_out_tongue:
You can kill someone with a lot less than 10 Amps.
Try 0.000010 Amps under the right conditions.
or **0.010 **under more “normal” conditions


Thanks, your advice is taken.

All I can remember about amps is taking a leak on barbed wire fence to keep the cows in the fenced area and it was energized with something that made me a man for an instant. Never forget it. Ahhh, now I remember, it was DC electric. Does that make a difference. No matter what, I never did it again.
I guess I was talking about old experiences again. Hey, It did keep the cows in the pasture and believe you me, it stopped me from pissing on the cow post fence in a heart beat. :smiley: :smiley: :wink:


Do not piss on a radon cage


It does, but its more complicated than that.

E;ectric fences are actually of varied types. The one I used for goats had 20,000 Volt pulses but of course very low Amps. I wanted the goat to back off not receive an instant Bar-B-Q;-)

I’ll tell you about my brother’s electric fence story sometime.:shock:


The USN had a modification of this item (Much larger) that I think might work

Small cheep etc. Inspector friendly

Do not need $$ just a little to cover expenses to buy the “toys”

Good find – I think you have an idea that might be needed in other areas than Florida

Past background – Nuclear reactor operator USN sub service


The secret, as in commercial HVAC is to install a dummy device so that everybody knows where it is and then set the real one out of sight. We would do this with tstats in office buildings to keep all happy. One day they are all complaining that the temp is way off and that they needed control back, so we just pop on a t-87f(non-functional) for them to play with and all of the sudden everybody is happy. :smiley: just my .02 at 6 am
Psychotics at there best.:smiley:

RTCA has a toolbox-sized radon cage with all the gadgets to record if it was tampered with. Last I saw it, it was going for about $200.

I use a toolbox with 2 golf tees in it, and dual golf balls. Someone bumps or moves it, the golf balls fall, and I know it was screwed with.

I use 1/2" holes drilled on all sides (with 2 areas in front and back, and on the lid), and cover tem with metallic speaker grilles, for plenty of airflow.

I have 4 of these set-ups, along with warnings across the boxes. Boxes are bright yellow, which I purchased at National Liquidators for about $7 each.

They do the job, are low-tech, and very reliable.

What do you use to show that the owner left the exterior doors open for hours?

Maybe your local technical college or high school agricuture class may build it for you.Our rural high schools love to have the materials supplied for projects their students can learn from…just a thouht.My son’s class made a huge bar b q grill for us from a barrel drum,we bought the supplies.right now he is making /welding ramps for four wheelers.Students parents bought the supplies.

Some how I like Nicks idea best

Something about high tech that looks good

Nick are you still interested in this product??


Yes, who wants the project to build it? I will put up the $.

Yes, Nick I will build same

Talked to the company that has the device and their tech specs are in line with what will do the job. They can ship same day the development kit

I would like to talk to some one about a cost benefit analysis

Don’t want to get something out of the budget of the need


lol…This is easy to make and not with something that expensive. You only need a tip switch and so on. heck to be honest with you the first one I built was with a Golf Ball and Golf Tee.

I built a holder to hold Radon Bags and held them the proper distance apart and then on the top of the rig I had a plastic box with a little lock on it. The box was a metal index card box I believe.

In side the box I had a square block with a hole in the middle for a golf tee and I would mark a golf ball with ink that is only seen with a dark light and that DOT was placed straight up…so when I would open the box a small black light shined on it would show the DOT on top…

If it has been messed with the DOT would be moved because they can’t see it and I dont tell them…or the ball was laying in the bottom of the metal tray…just a crude one but it worked.

Why do I not use it now…well I stopped working with my brother and to be honest have not had a request for radon in some time now.

Another lower cost method would be a standard TIP switch and a low voltage diode emitter setup. The unit is tampered with or moved then it would set off the tamper switch and contact a battery to a light emiting diode and it could blink as well…and will last well beyond the 48 hours needed for this.

Heck I could make one of those for less than 10 bucks probably…

Yes a simple tamper trap can be built for small $$ but this little toy will tell you how much tampering was done like was it just picked up and put back or was it moved to another location and then put back

If someone just picked it up and put it back the test is still good

I don’t know if this is of value or not.

This will also record how long the radon detector was on station

The tamper detector is neat but maybe a little costly — about $70 plus the reader $150 total

I think I would do it just because it is cool - I like toys


lol…I hear ya…I built the one with Golf Balls because I have tons of them. I guess the only way the cheap ones would work is IF the results came back and were so HIGH or TOO low to be considered valid…or a broad range of differences in the dual test ( with charcoal for example )

probably just a BETTER scare tactic for the client or seller…tell them it is monitoring all movements and movements effect the results in a bad way and they are only harming themselves…chances are the FRIGHT elememt in the sale will also cause them to leave it alone…lol…they have no idea whats in that little black box…:slight_smile: