Radon Equipment

any used Radon equipment for sale out there???
please let me know

Rent it. $89 per month. Radstar RS 800. Order one and you will have it in less than 48 hours. Great equipment, great service. However, I would buy an RS 300 at about $900. You will pay for it fast. I started renting one and bought the 300. Now I have 5 300’s and 1 RS800. Did it in one year. You can too!

Why rent an 800?

Allows you to get into some nice stuff without dropping almost 4 grand. Plus, the temp and humidity functions are great to help you manage the testing environment if you think someone is going to effect the test by opening windows and doors. That is why I keep one around.

I add a heavy duty camera stand for each unit as well so I can set them at least 20" above the floor in any environment.

Stand, that’s a good idea

Do these units give on site results?

I just added a temp and humidity data logger to my RS300 with a tamper proof tag.

You can get immediate results on site but you need to hook it up to a computer. You can then print a nice graph for the client or email it later. I purchased Johnson tripods for mine…work great.

how about Radalink equipment?

I have a Alpha -II radon monitor from Diversified Research, purchased in 2008, all paperwork included, will need to be calibrated. purchased new for $1200.00, paid for itself in les than a year. I have since retired from inspecting and can make you a heck of a deal.
You can go to this site for more information .http://www.alphamonitor.com/

Contact me at toscan@msn.com if your interested

I just bought Vince’s Alpha 2 …Thanks Buddy majorly appreciated.

Just got off the phone with Peter the owner , developer in Florida who also
was the engineer and creator of the Sun Nuclear CRM,as in the 1029 unit that I
use with great success…

He’s a really neat guy,

Christ this is a 1800 dollar CRM I just landed for 250 dollars, mint …
Built like a tank with electronic components manufactured stateside no chinese components …

I’m gonna go have a beer or 6 and celebrate Slange Var !

Has anyone used Sunnuclear equipment 1027/ 1029/9 or 1030. Are they any good?

Any recommendations on 2017 Radon equipment with possible on site readings so I don’t have to travel back to the property later in the week? Also, anybody got any used equipment for sale?