Can someone explain what is going on here? Looks like a mess

Not sure what to make of this…

They are trying to vent the kitchen island, but failing:


Island vent ran incorrectly. I don’t know what the black tape is about or why there are so many clean outs. The water piping is a mess.

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Larry has a very good illustration of a properly constructed island drain.

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Anyone have a good narrative for this? First time I’ve seen it

The drain under the island is not done satisfactorily. I recommend a qualified, licensed, plumber make the corrections needed to fix the plumbing drainage as needed to correct the defects so they operate correctly.

Then post my picture with that narrative next to that as an example.

Thanks but is it actually wrong though?

Yes, for one thing the vent enters the drain without a vent to air connected before it. (Going down stream.)…not to mention the black “tape”.

Correct, and also add the 90 elbow and two 45 elbows are required to be installed as high as possible to the bottom of the countertop.

The result is a fixture that is not vented.

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I for one am happy to see that the ‘plumber’ remembered to use escutcheon plates on the supply lines for a clean neat look.


Must have been a sale on cleanouts and tape. Hot mess.

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Doesn’t the electrical tape used as a sealant moot all the plumbing supply, drainage and venting installation defects?
Where’s that plumbing code cycle under, electrical tape sealant rules…I have to have it somewhere… :wink:

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The tape was used to secure the pex and then it got moved, that’s why you see some left over tape on the red pex. The white pex, on the right, is still secured to the PVC. What a bloody mess!

Looks like a green inspection sticker on top of that mess. WTF, who would approve that!

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Good enough for this neighborhood :wink:

That’s what I thought, Martin…crazy… :crazy_face:

Just saw this mess. What’s with the plug coming through the cabinet on the right? Maybe for the dishwasher? I don’t see any electrical receptacle for the disposal either.
Maybe they spend all the money on pipe fittings? :rofl:

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They need @mwilles to go in & fix the mess! :grinning::wink:

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Obviously finished during the rough in. This sink would have been better off with an air admittance valve.

I’m on it!

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