Can someone help with ride along?

Hey I’m active duty military in San Diego. I’ve been going to school a distance learning school for home inspection and it requires I go for a ride along:roll:… I’m also retiring next month:D I already have a home and my family in the Branson, Mo. area, but I still have to finish my class before I leave. Soooo here goes, if someone could please help me the a ride along here’s what you get. An awesome one time helper;), I will carry any equipment you need me to, lunch and/or breakfast on me. I will take your notes for you if you want. Most of all I will be quiet and listen to you:mrgreen: I have my own insurance and I’m willing to sign any release of liability you may want and shoot, just so you know I am genuine about NOT being an inspector in California I will also sign an agreement stating that:mrgreen: Now how could anyone pass up all that!?

Check with Russell Ray :wink: He’s based in San Diego.

Another option is too use inspector seek on the left side of the page. Search for inspectors in your area and send them a e-mail with your request.

OR wait till you get back to Missouri and ride with the guys here

Where are you from Craig?

Good Morning guys! Thanks for the replies! I’m originally from the midwest, Illinois to be exact. I would wait until I get back to Missouri to do the ride along if I could :neutral: I used Tuition Assistance through the military for this course, so I have to have it completed before I start my retirement. Otherwise I’ll owe the Govy a whole lot of money I just can’t afford to pay back.

My schedules really flexible and I’ll even throw in some gas money;-)