Mentor / Ride along

(Mike Toomey) #1

Hi all,

My name is Mike Toomey and I’m in the process of becoming a Home Inspector. I live in Brentwood (NorCal) and plan to operate my business here locally.
I’ve completed the necessary online courses (14, plus a handful more) and need to complete 4 inspections. I’m not so much looking for someone to help me write these inspections but more for someone to show me the ropes, the flow of the inspection. I’m really just looking for some hands-on experience.

If you wouldn’t mind having a rookie tag along on a handful of inspections it would be very much appreciated. I promise to pay it forward/back once I’m established.

Thanks for your consideration,

Mike Toomey
(925) 206-2208

(Mike Auger) #2

Mike, you may (will) have trouble getting an inspector to do this. You might have to travel a bit. When I started, I did some ride alongs, but I went outside my service area. No one will want to train a competitor. Also expect to pay to do them, I did.

(Scot Baker, CMI) #3

Welcome aboard. We too are in Nor Cal, Modesto.

(Mike Hazelwood, CMI) #4

If you are willing to come down here, I’ll give you a couple of days.

(Mike Toomey) #5

Hi Mike -

Thank you for your response and advice - much appreciated.


(Mike Toomey) #6

Scott -

Thanks for the welcome.


(Mike Toomey) #7

Hi Mike -

Thank you so much for your offer! I am absolutely willing to travel to Bakersfield to spend a couple days with you. I truly appreciate your kindness.
Is there a good time to contact you to work out the details?


Mike Toomey

(Mike Hazelwood, CMI) #8

Typically after 5pm. 6618893875 is my cell or email me anytime at