Ride Along in San Diego County area

Hey all, I already read the post before mine :frowning: Anyway, even though I am a new member in San Diego. I would still like to find someone who’s willing to take me along. I WON’T be working in San Diego as an inspector. I’m currently active duty military and preparing to retire in the Northern Arkansas area after 20 years of service. At this point, I just want to become familiar with the basics of performing an inspection.

Contact RR. He may be willing to take you for a ride along.


Just don’t drop the soap.


I just wanted to say thanks to the one HI in SoCal who’s willing to take me for a ride-along. You know who you are, and THANKS!


Guys, I have done this and it ain’t so bad. (no I’m not talking about dropping soap) I have actually taken learning inspectors on the road with me to help them sharpen their skills. If this industry has been good to you something other than posting wise asz comments like allowing an occassional ride along to help a fellow member of an association is a good way to give back.

Brian - So many are unsure of their own skills. The art of giving without expecting anything in return is old school, gone, see ya. We are now in a “Whats in it for me” world. I read the posts and see so much negativity and dissension, its sad. I have always believed in a saying. If your not part of the solution, then your part of the problem. Thank you for giving back and giving me a splinter of hope that my fellow man can give something without expecting anything in return. Apparently you are secured in your position as a home inspection and knowledge. Congrats and once again, thanks.