Can someone identify this type of ridge vent?

Hello all. I am trying to figure out the manufacture of this ridge vent so I can get the installation instructions to verify a couple things. I have been searching for a while with no luck. I’m wondering if any of you smart guys would know from these pictures. There is not much. But, hopefully enough. Thanks in advance!

How old is the house?


Good question David in that I have never seen ridge vent risers like that. The cylinder risers are a big head scratcher to me. Like Larry asked, how old is the roof?

This is a manufactured home. They just purchased it in September of last year. I’m unsure of the exact age at this time.

Then, whatever China was selling cheap that week… :man_shrugging:


It certainly looks cheap. I removed a can light and stuck my phone in the attic to try and get a look. It appeared the sheathing at the ridge was cut back at least 4" on either side. I have not seen the sheathing cut back that far before. This client has several issues with the construction of this home.

Report what you see and refer it out as needed…noting what you could not inspect and why (attic, for instance)…then the client can talk to the salesman/manufacturer.


Looks like Cor-A-Vent, Revolution. Its a rolled ridged vent.

coravent revolution.pdf (1.4 MB)


From Dominic’s PDF:
Measure a 3" slot, 11⁄2" each side of ridge centerline.


Outstanding! Thank you Dominic.

Thank you Larry!

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