New ridge vent

Thoughts on these!
1 - New ridge vent.
2 - Ridge vent over garage is too short?



replaced_ridge_vent_August_2011_-_roof_repair_May_2011 (Small).jpg

If you’re serious about number 2, I wouldn’t call that out. Looks like a full ridge vent at the peak.

Joe, you’re right about #2. I did not call it out, but the original ridge vent was twice as long. The new owner had original pictures.

At least it didn’t look like this one from a recent inspection.:frowning:
This is looking up from inside the attic.:shock:
Less than 1/2 inch gap on either side of the ridge board.

***Air Vent Inc.***has some good products…well constructed, easy installs.


It was the shingle vent design and not cut out correctly on either side. It is a very good product when installed correctly.:smiley:

Yes, I see that…unreal the lack of any common sense these days…:shock:

Never mind the ridge vent, how about all those butt joints in the siding stacked on top of one another in picture 2