Can someone please take some PICs of the Jax and/or Ft. Lauderdale meetings?

I would like some room-wide shots showing all the attendees. We should have over 100 attendees in Jax and around 160 attendees in Ft. Lauderdale.

Post the PICs or email them to me at

Thanks in advance.

Are you wanting me to inspect the inspectors ?
Is this pic before or after drinks ?

If I go I will do it. I think it is right by my house. What is the link again Nick?

By the way what is the price you negotiated them to pay us. Many more may attend if that info is posted.

$125 or so. And it is really simple.

Both events are listed in One is tomorrow night (Tuesday) and one is the following Monday. Try to get me some PICs please.

I will take pics tomorrow night. Looks like we will have over 100 and still getting registrations.