Can we invite the other Canadian Associations to the NACHI Convention?

We could spring for a free booth for them. I think it would be good to have everyone included. Yes?

Yes we should:p

Great idea I wonder about CMHC also.

Nick you keep comming up with good ideas. …Thanks… Roy Sr.

Can someone in Canada liason this for NACHI. We’ll give them nice booth space at no charge. How many inspection associations in Canada are there that might want to come? Let’s get them all to come and make sure the event welcomes everyone. Volunteer please?

I will volunteer

CMHC, absolutely, and any other home related government agency we can think of.

Great idea!

This is all about education and presenting the opportunity to show how inclusive and helpful NACHI is trying to be.

in addition to CMHC and considering that it was stated by someone that CREA is suposedly going to throw its support behind the national certification, by advising their member agents to only recommend CAHPI “Nationally Certified Inspectors” I would strongly suggest to send formal invitations out to CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association), OREA (Ontario Real Estate Association) as well as RECO (Real Estate Counil of Ontario). Any thoughts?

Since Convention will be held in Toronto, I would add to this list TREB (Toronto Real Estate Board) and mayor’s office.


Glad to see you back. How are you doing?

Thanks, Bob. I try to feel the emptiness around with anything I can, including NACHI BB, and try to live, though it seems impossible at times. But it’s now totally different kind of life, that’s for sure. I’m grateful to everyone who expressed their condolences to my grief. G-d bless you all.

What about some representation from the community colleges who are offering HI courses? Give me some college names and I will follow up if that is acceptable.

although I can see you thinking in regards to TREB, I would think that other boards may be put off for not being invited. Also if you consider that CREA, OREA and RECO represent all the real estate boards nationally as well as provincially there really is no need to invite individual localized real estate board representation.
Just my thinking, you milage may vary.

Any thing I can do just let me know. It would be my privilage to help.

I am in with Allen Atkinson.
I will be in touch with him and we will get the ball rolling.

Hey Larry, I’ve e-mail you a couple of times. Still waiting to hear from you.

I have not received any emails from you at all

Larry, is your E-Mail working, I sent a e-mail on May26.