Maybe all the Canadian associations should meet.

We might be able to join forces if we all met for a day, in one room.

InterNACHI is in. Any others willing to meet?

It would be fantastic if everyone had the same set of ground rules and protocol. As a Canadian, I am so sick of the “in” fighting between associations. There are great ideas from other organizations and the sharing of knowledge is always a good thing. We will see if there are any takers. Stay tuned!

Undoubtedly, a page full of all the Canadian associations listed on one guest list would appear as if someone sat on a keyboard.


Aint gonna happen Nick
Already tried:(

Cheers and Merry Christmas to all!

When ,where , Even if it has been tried it needs to be tried again .
With more advertising and with good preparation and a Proper moderator .
It should be advertised information posted and ideas sent to an independent organizer ( not some associated with our industry ) .
There is at least 7 associations in Ontario and little communicating with the home Inspectors.
Even at that I think there are more independent home Inspectors then belong to all associations .

Ever try to herd cats??..and dogs…

How do you get someone to properly represent their interests?

Nothing new or revolutionary about Nick’s ‘idea’.

If some will recall, I suggested the exact thing, prompted by an idea from Doug Cossar, about two months ago on another forum.

Within minutes ACHI leaders and others attacked the idea and me with their usual tirades. Rather than trying to be neutral and objective, which I and others offered to be, they were stuck to their beliefs.

It’s worse than herding cats, Brian. It would require people to drop their jealousies and hatred, and several people proved at that point and many others that they are not interested in helping the industry. Their goal seems to be to reduce our occupational stature as low as possible.

One side cannot negotiate alone.

I notice that the ACHI group lead by George Luck has neglected to tell eveyone about the ‘olive branch’ letter that the NHICC sent out more than a week ago to them, offering to meet and seek a working relationship. Working out agreements and compromising doesn’t seem to fit their agenda.

Bill Mullen

Same way some one protects your intesests ,
You go to the NACI site and complain .

12/20/2010 5:43:30 PM Associations]( Hi Jeff:

Good response.

You nailed the truth about NACHI exactly. What they lack in rigor and monitoring of their member’s ‘qualifications’ they are masters at marketing, and some of their education is very good.

If NACHI would recognize itself for what it is ----a marketing organization with supplementary educational offerings, it would gain true recognition and validity. However,it falls flat on its face when it pretends to be a credible credentialling organization.

On the other hand, OAHI has gained credibility, but by directly offering required courses to meet their own requirements, OAHI breaches almost all governance and ethical regulations.

PHPIC is relatively new, and has its own warts, but is trying to help people gain their National Certification, which is a great start for any inspector to prove his/her abilities.

I guess it’s like everything in life. Nothing is all good and nothing is all bad.

I am impressed with some of the things NACHI offers, but they could stand to be more honest about their education and marketing, which are closely intertwined with the interests of vendors.

There needs to be a happy medium somewhere among all the various organizations out there.

Harry Janssen, Jeff Clarke, Claude Lawrenson, myself and several others have been considering a huge meeting with all the interested players attending to try to seek some common ground. Everyone would have to leave their anger, jealousy amd pet programs at the door and start with a clean slate. Maybe we should make that out New Year’s resolution.

Merry Christmas
Bill Mullen

All Canadian associations should meet. NACHI has my trust.
Canada is built on our differences not on our similarities.
Respect, tolerance, mutual help!
What a beautiful life it could be! Quelle belle vie ce serait!

Vive la difference! Vive le Canada! Vive NACHI!

Beauchemin, Marc-Andre - from Brossard,Quebec,Canada

You seem to have a short memory… I made the suggestion just a few weeks ago at another forum.

I got trashed for trying to extend the olive branch.


Sorry Doug I read it wrong I took it to mean there had already been a meeting .

Aint gonna happen Nick
Already tried:sad:

Cheers and Merry Christmas to all!

The more I think of it the more I like it .
I agree it could be the start of peace and helping our industry .

Thanks Doug for the reminder … Roy

This almost happened but I inadvertently messed it up.

Nick loves telling the story.

Nick, it is a great idea but understand that the ALLIANCE of CANADIAN HOME INSPECTORS is already deeply involved in negotiations that will take the industry in a different direction. Without the adoption of a **REAL **grandfathering programme, the acceptance of the much feared ‘newbees’ as fellow inspectors and the shedding of all connections between Associations and their Inspector schools ( including those owned by board members and operated by principals of the association) by the other associations, I just don’t see much point.

The ACHI has made certain commitments and put in place specific structures to facilitate those commitments, so the above concessions by the other associations would be a necessity. The ACHI will not compromise the future of the industry, our members and our fellow Inspectors.

That being said, if someone wants to put this together I will be more than happy to submit it to the board of directors. My word is not final as the ALLIANCE of CANADIAN HOME INSPECTORS is a democracy.

So where should we meet and when?

Thank you Bill, for illustrating far more clearly than I ever could, why negotiating with you would be an exercise in futility.
You saved me a lot of time.

Ray, can you explain what this means:

How is our education and marketing intertwined with the interests of vendors. Can you give an example?

"So where should we meet and when?"

The ALLIANCE of CANADIAN HOME INSPECTORS will be happy to send a representative to discuss the adoption of a **REAL **grandfathering programme, the acceptance of the much feared ‘newbees’ as fellow inspectors and the shedding of all connections between Associations and their Inspector schools ( including those owned by board members and operated by principals of the association) by the other associations.