Someone invite the other Canadian Associations to this NACHI event on Wed please.

They are welcome to speak for a few minutes as well and give us any updates:

I will phone OAHI and CAHPI and see what I can do about them coming to speak re the National Certification


I suggest strongly you put it in writing and address it to the following Directors.

Do not telephone the OAHI office there is no guarantee the message will be delivered. The Registrar/office clerk has a habit of screening messages and making decisions she is not authorized to make.

Also perhaps Claude would be good enough to post the invite on the CANUCK list and the OAHI CAFE discussion forum.

That would be nice seeing how it is for all home inspectors in Ontario .
Rot Cooke

Someone should send a specific invite to Bill Mullen and Mike Guihan. After all taxpayers money is being used for CAHPI and the National, they should not have any reservations about attending.

As much as I would like to, post the invite - there are other members here that can equally do so, and more so on a much higher level of authority. More in particular it seems that I have most recently fallen out of favour within some of those circles. So I will pass that on to others to risk!

I have tried to get information out to the CAHPI members but I guess it gets held up some where in the system.

NACHI has offered a free Booth at the NACHI Conference and all CAHPI members can attend the NACHI conference next May 2007 at the same price as NACHI members can .
Unfortunatly We have had no reply from my phone call or email .

Sorry to hear that Claude.
Please remember you are always welcome at NACHI .
We all can at times tell each other how we feel but at least it is done in the open where we can bite back and defend our selves .
Unfortunately it is so hard to defend ones self on a one way street where much information is not released .
Roy Cooke . A Happy NACHI Member

Charles Crooker, aren’t you a member of the CANUCK list? Maybe you could post it?

Claude, sorry to hear you have fallen from favour, likely no doubt to politics and your membership in NACHI. Oh well you know you always have a home here, even though we do not always agree, at least you always present your side. I respect that.

If I can help you in any way to get back in favour just ask. Or feel free to mention my name, many use it in vain. :wink:


Chuck it would be great if you did post it to the Canuk List but remember others have been removed for trying to use free speech .
Unfortunately that is not allowed on Bill Mullens Canuk list .
Bill M today said some not very nice things about me .
He is good at doing this behind my back where I have no chance to defend my self.
I was removed from the CAHPI BB and Bill removed any letters from what he said was to be an Information Blog.
I have a slight feeling he does not like me that is so unfortunate as I do like Bill.
I just do not like some of the things he says .
I guess I am silly for expecting a person should always tell the truth .

NACHI where information flows both ways.

Roy Cooke . A VERY Happy NACHI member


Roy, et al.

Freedom of choice and freedoom of association and freedom of speech are not in Bill Mullens vocabulary unless it comes from him. Ditto OAHI-CAHPI. What is even worse is he says things on his private NAZI CANUCK list about individuals, and does not allow people to defend themselves.

I see Bill has rejoined ASHI, I guess that should be your first clue as to how he feels about OAHI and CAHPI. As a matter of fact I see more OAHI members have joined ASHI and some have joined NACHI. Writing on the wall?

I recently was told that the split with CAHPI and OAHI has opened up again .
I guess there just might be some truth in it .
I wonder why ASHI.
They do nothing in Canada could there be some thoughts of ???
NACHI continues to do more things for the Canadian HI then other associations have done in the last ten Plus years .
Hmmmmmmmm interesting .
Remember NACHI Conference CAHPI members at NACHI prices Tell them Roy told you so.
Come and visit the CAHPI booth at the NACHI conference just over from the main entrance Tell them Roy told you so.

Roy Cooke

Well I have to admit, I have joined ASHI. I rec’d my membership package today and was impressed with the contents. Nicely done, and nicely presented. I even have my original membership number. I wonder if one can be a Retired Member in OAHI and be a practicing member in ASHI? I know it seems to be a real thorn in the side of some in OAHI-CAHPI particularly the management, yet they don’t seem to have a problem with OAHI-CAHPI members being members of ASHI. Why do you suppose that is? Yet it seems to be a problem with OAHI-CAHPI if members belong to NACHI. Hmmm.

See for yourself

Lots of Candidates too, which seems to be up considerably since last time I checked

I just had a token look and I am surprised how many are directors of OAHI . I aslo see at least one error . Charters Kenny is an OAHI RHI and would not be an candidate.
Roy Cooke Tell them Roy said so

Like they say… don’t put all your eggs in one basket. :wink:


Roy, I was asked to find out if possible where Bill M said quote “some not very nice things about me” unquote! I don’t remember reading anything on the fourm about you!

Roy I do not believe that I will be removed for the canuk list for saying anything I wish to say, and I am not afraid to say what I want to say anywhere, lots of info for all is the best way to be!!:wink:

Great Thanks Chuck this is good of you to do it I am sure many will be glad to know about the free booth for CAHPI at the NACHI 2007 may Conference in Toronto and that CAHPI Members can come for the same price as NACHI members

I find it strange that you “I was asked to find out if possible where Bill M said” would be asked to try and find out where “some not very nice things about me” unquote!as you said “I do not remember reading any thing on the forum about you”
I do not think I said it was on the CANUK forum
This to me says you must have received a email or a phone call.
The only person I can see asking this is Bill M .
This is unfortunate he does not ask me himself.
I have always co-operated with Bill and posted on the NACHI site information for him any time he want me to.
Sorry I choose to not put this info out for all to see.
Roy Cooke .

Roy I do not believe that I will be removed for the canuk list for saying anything I wish to say, and I am not afraid to say what I want to say anywhere, lots of info for all is the best way to be!!;)/quote

I am Glad and it would be sad for you to be removed from the CANUK list it is a great list and has very many good home inspectors who love the CANUK list and much information was freely traded.
Fortunately ALL inspectors can freely use the NACHI BB and much information is freely traded.
Chuck you are one of a few who have the best of both BB able to see all the NACHI site and also the CANUK forum Glad for you. Roy