Can you do a wind mit for me?

I got a call from a contractor who is building a $1,000,000 residence I am currently doing draw inspections for the bank on. He wanted to know if I could do the wind mit on it. I told him he could do it himself, he said he knows that and he is angry at the insurance agent who told his client the same thing. I accepted the job, but felt it prudent to explain that the tile roof would probably not be marked in the same way he might think and the same thing for opening coverage unless the garage doors are impact rated. He needs to get documentation to me about the impact windows too. I am sure there is no way he would have known how to fill out the form, I am not poking fun at him either, he told me so himself.

I get at least five of these a year, at least they are honest!

You cannot do a wind mit on your own residence and likely not one on one you build either.

If the OIR had their crap together the form would be worded so a contractor could fill it out. The main issues are all the crap that the insurance companies have come to expect and people give them now even though it is not on the form.


There are several local builders that pay me for inspections, including wind mits. It is just easier for us to do them.

This is not a first for me either I just thought it appropriate to bring it up now with all the crap that is going on.