Wind Mits with detached garages/workshops

I am doing a wind not tomorrow on a house that I did a buyer inspection on about a month ago. This place has a big workshop in the back yard that is about 1200 square feet and two stories tall. I have not run across this on a wind mit. How does that work? Two separate forms? One form with both buildings being treated as one? Thanks for the hep.

My guess is completely separate building separate form. That’s prob’ how the Ins. Co. will write it.

Its usually listed as coverage B on insurance policies which is other structures, Usually don’t need a wind mit on these.

Cool. Thanks guys.

Shawn knows his Ins stuff.

I called State Farn on the same issue, that agent wanted both only because it was a 2 story with a living suite.
But… It was State Farm

Yeah, I don’t like State Farm. I’ve been asking people who their ins. is, and luckily, I’ve only had one or two State Farms. I will charge more in the future for them, especially for 4 points.

8 Years experience as a Personal and Commercial Lines Insurance Underwriting Inspector. You pick up a thing or two;)

There 4 point form is a Pain in my A S S, I charge more money for a State Farm 4-point. You are basically doing a 4-point for them and an underwriting inspection for Loss Control for thee. Saves State Farm money from sending there own inspectors out there.

What Shawn said. But if there is living quarters then it changes.

Gotcha. Thanks guys. Shawn, I wasn’t aware of those reasons. Crazy.

Thank you, forgot to mention the above :slight_smile:

You are only committed to the primary single family structure.
You are free to negotiate pricing to evaluate the detached structure.
But you need to charge appropriately.

Things to decide.
Is it a single family home with a detached garage.
Or does that detached garage have a separate electrical meter – which indicates it to be an entirely separate address.