Can you guess what I got in the mail from a Certified Master Inspector (CMI) today?

I can guess, but even I would not post it.:shock:

I bet you get the same from the vendors that provide CMI education.:stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t yet, but they should. We figured out and implemented an incentive for inspectors to seek out advanced courses which made it more financially feasible for schools to offer something other than “so ya wanna be an inspector 101” courses to the benefit of inspectors, consumers, and yes… schools.

You got a card from Hoopy?

"Dear Nick,

After careful review, it was determined that you do
not qualify as a Certified Master Inspector.

Merry Christmas,
From the new Review Board…:twisted:
Your Loyal Friend… Hoopy"


Dear Mr. Gromicko

We have decided to change your arbitrary definition of Master from 5% of the 100,000 inspectors in N. America to .005%. This unfortunately means that there are only 5 masters in our industry and being that the 5 members of the review board should be masters… no further CMIs will ever be issued.

Thank you.

The CMI reveiw board (all 5 CMIs).


What about the "grandfathered’ CMI’s? Don’t they count?

They are but the ghosts of Christmas past…:wink:

Better wait for Rowan’s announcement, you guys, before you buy your CMI Valentines.

Mr. Gromicko

Fear not. We 5 are very smart and can solve problems. Tell Erol that we will honor the lifetime CMIs already issued by simply killing them all.
Thank you.
The Review Board.


He sent you a picture of the land rover and not the car? What kind of a Thank You is that.:stuck_out_tongue: