Can you identify this panel?

This panel has no markings. The home was built in 1988. It is a 200 amp panel. The breakers are marked “I-T-E a Division of Siemens-Allis.” Any ideas? Thanks for the help.


… but it’s a 100 amp, not 200

There’s also a separate 100 amp sub-panel being fed by this. I suggest you do a little more studying before you submit your report to your client.

But 100 X 2 = 200 right?

100 amp 120 volt + 100 amp 120 volt = 100 amp 240 volt. I don’t want to be snarky but knowing a “little” about electricity is more dangerous than knowing nothing at all about electricity. It looks like you have 0 AWG cables feeding that box which, generally speaking, would allow a max of 150 amp service (at 240 volts), but the panel should have a max amp rating on it somewhere which would set a maximum main breaker size that the panel could handle. Bottom line, that’s a 100 amp service as it’s set up and beyond that, I advise you to study up before even attempting to decipher anything else for yourself and especially a client.

you missed mr. port’s sarcasm

I agree, maybe Jim missed the mark on this one. :smiley:

Right over my head. Sorry, I just took my flonase, and 6 is more than 1 - or so they tell me over and over and over

I guess the original poster could be a small pile of ashes at the base of his 200 amp panel by now.

Guilty as charged. It was entirely sarcastic .

I got your number now, Jim.:twisted:

But the best way to tell 100 A from 200 A is by spitting on the bus and touching it to see how warm it gets. :shock:

You missed a very heated thread on another board about 200 amps at 240 or 400 at 120.

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