What's the rating of this panel?

150amps or 200amps? I didn’t see any number corresponding to the 3 catalogue numbers given here.

What size was the main breaker?

It was 150 amps, but that doesn’t mean the enclosure wasn’t 200 amps.

150 or 200 amps, does that matter one way or the other?

What AWG was the SEC?

The maximum rating of the panel is the rating of the breaker

That’s not what he’s asking

The maximun rating of the service is the rating of the breaker .

Not the rating of the panel It could be and more then likely is a 200 amp panel

He’s asking the rating of the panel. It’s 150. The rating of the beaker is the rating the panel.


Looks clear to me .
Main breaker is 150 = service size

Box rated for 200 amp max


No the box is rated at 150


Page 10

Can you show me where you got this information from please .

It says it right on the label…

four items are considered when rating electrical service amp

  1. sec size/rating
  2. meter amp rating
  3. panel max. amp rating
  4. breaker amp rating

using anything less is inaccurate, imo

Kent’s panel is rated as 150/200 amp
if any component from the above menu is 150 then you have a 150 amp service
if all are 200 then you have a 200 amp service


Yes but what size is the panel . I think we all agree the service is 150 amp .

We are just discussing the panel though. It came with the 150 beaker so it’s the catalog number with the 150 in it and is rated at 150 max.

The gray metal with the labels on it that is held in place with screws is the panel enclosure cover.
The gray metal that the cover screws to is the panel enclosure.
The part that the breaker attaches to is the panel board
The other end of the breaker attaches to the bus bars that are attached to the panel board.

The enclosure and the bus bars can be rated at any amperage over the size of the service disconnecting means and the size of the service will be rated at the amperage of the overcurrent device in the or adjacent to the service disconnecting means.

The service conductors and meter pan is to be sized to the overcurrent device at or in the service disconnecting means.

If the service overcurrent device is rated at 150 amps the enclosure and panel board can be any size rated at or above 150 amps but it can never be less.

It is a 150 amp service.