Can you see the problem

and its not the gas line into the furnace no drip leg. Its not the water heater soooo if ya don’t see the problem it obvious you need more HVAC training. It is not a trick question and its not in Google

Undersized plenum?

Is the register below a return or supply?

there’s a plug in the closet and it’s not turned ground up

Look at the A-coil location that will tell you what the register is supply or return (most of the time) and no the plenum is the same size as the A-coil outlet thus not the problem. I guess the 21 lookers need more A/C training they did not see the problem;-) Thanks for your time

Ya have to speak english not Texan or maybe I need some more training:D

Probably :wink:

That vent is WAY to small for a return. Assuming thats the only return supply. Plus having the hot water heater in the same closet as the evaperator coil is a bad idea I would think. but not sure if thats a standards problem. I would think it would mess with the thermostat somewhat. ???

No secondary condensation drain line?

must be a Texan thingyyy
Steers and …

I know I need more HVAC training (HVAC is my weakest area), but the intake looks way too small, and the coil housing is not the same size as the housing for the furnace. I know this is allowed to an extent, but it doesn’t appear to be lined up very well at the seam. Is that an illusion?

Supply air plenum looks to be made of wood but the picture is not clear enough to determine this.
I will admit I do not see this model in Ontario.
On closer look it also looks like the vacuum control has fallen but it may just be the way the model was built.
I didn’t catch the A-coil thing until just now.
Orientated the wrong way so water dripping off the coil is not going into the condensate pan.

I asked because I’m assuming that is a supply.

OSB used for the plenum/base with a condensate leak on it.

was this a “flipper”

Nope 3 owners since 1976

Ok lets get serious a couple of you are all over it. It is a downflow furnace and the small register is a supply outlet into the garage which needs in my opinion to be sealed off but the bigger problem is the wood supply plenum not OSB but real wood. Wood product of any nature can not be used in the supply distribution system. I don’t know how may of you guys write this up but I do when ever I see it. It pisses a bunch of people off but my buyer is informed the furnace has to be removed and a metal plenum installed kinda expensive but who wants mold distributed through out the duct into the home

It must be really stained up, OSB, plywood or just 1xs are all bad, bad, bad. I call these out too, I have a photo somewhere of one made out of 1/4" underlayment and the exterior is completely saturated with condensation. I’ll see if I can track it down and post it.

You think it looks bad on the outside you should see what the inside looks like

Here is some info I checked out awhile back.

Now all they need to do is install that humidifier on the return side to complete their built-in grow-op. :smiley:

My first thought was the gas appliances are in a closet with no louvers on the doors…I couldn’t even tell from the pic that the supply plenum was wood. Wow :roll: