Can you take a moment to help our Veterans?

There’s a contest on Facebook from the Home Depot in my area where they are going to give the winning area $25K for a local Veteran project. If you could take a few minutes to help support Veterans by clicking on the Struther’s Amvets project, it would be appreciated.

Done… they are two votes behind first place!


SemperFi Bobby

done, right on man.

All the best Bobby.
Be a pleasure.
Love to see INACHI little princess posted for all the members.
You have been blessed.

I liked the contest but did not see" Struther’s Amvets project" Am I missing it. Please let me know so I can help.
I only see 4 choices and that is not one?

I did not see it ether.

The contest ended on the 30th. Thanks for those that voted as our area pulled out the win in the last hour, so every vote counted. 25K coming to help renovate their post/career center. Thanks everyone

Happy to hear that Bobby.
All the best.

Great news.

It is good to hear something that is good luck every once and awhile.

Please send me an email next time you guys do something and i’ll try to help.