College Certificate available for Canadians and soon the US.

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Humber College in Toronto offers a College certificate program in Home Inspection. It includes Ethics, Plumbing, Heating, Electrical, Structures, Building Science and a Introduction to Home Inspection course. All courses are 84 hours in length except for the Ethics and Intro course, they are 40 hours. All these courses are available in a “online” format, so that anyone can take it. There are over 200 students in various courses at this time.

They are all based on Canadian National Codes at this time but are being reworked to correspond to the U. S. national codes. Humber also has links to a U.S. College as well.

They are all taught by experienced home inspectors.

If you want to take a look go to and there is a link to the Humber College site with a demo version of the courses.

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How about experienced inspectors from Carson and Dunlop?

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C&D are private trainers. The Ministry of Colleges and Universities provides successful program graduates with such recognition. On the other hand a college offering such a program has (generally) opened the doors and jumped through all of the bureacratic hoops to run such a program.

Again inspectors looking for training must look beyond and ask hard questions, particularly in the case of membership status in "some" associations. Will this training be recognized in your area of practice? Is the course, program or training transferable or valid for membership recognition? If not possibly it could be a waste of money.

As a college building technology educator - believe me when I say some college courses are not truly beneficial for you to learn home inspection. So for those looking for training - be careful and spend your money wisely.

BTW: The Humber Ethics course also includes Report Writing, and all of the courses include photos and defect recognition applicable to the course of study. In addition all of the courses include additional practical inspection styled research projects as part of the training.

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