CANADIAN introduction to radon

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**Introduction to Radon **

DatesJanuary 24 2013CityHamilton, Ontario, CanadaLocationHamilton Marriott Courtyard Contact NameLiza HernandezLocal Phone905-363-0678Tollfree Phone1-855-746-2446Emailcourses@pinchin.comWebsite BodyThis Complimentary Session provides attendees with radon knowledge as it applies to both their residence and workplace setting. It is designed to provide a sound introduction to radon for those with limited experience with the topic.

Did you know radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer behind cigarette smoking?
Attend the session and learn what radon means for you.

Items discussed during the Session:
•What is radon?
•Health effects of radon exposure
•Health Canada guideline
•How and why to test for radon (short vs. long term testing)
•What if my residence/workplace has high radon levels?
ScheduleJan 24, 2013 8:30am to 10:30am FeesNo Charge

Organizer****OrganizerLiza HernandezAddressOntario[More events by this organizer]( Hernandez&page=1)

I am invited to go and have to make a decision by thursday. If I go I will pass by your door Roy.
It does not look likely though. A hell of a drive.

Great post for those who have not touched on radon. thanks Roy
Anither good source
There is also a dvd that you can recieve about radon from the Gov’t I have one …it’s free