Introduction to Radon

DatesJune 6 2013CityMississauga , Ontario, CanadaLocationMississauga Head OfficeContact NameLiza HernandezLocal Phone905-363-0678Tollfree Phone855-746-2446Emailcourses@pinchin.comWebsitehttp://www.pinchin.com/iaq/courses/introduction-radonMain BodyThis Complimentary Session provides attendees with radon knowledge as it applies to both their residence and workplace setting. It is designed to provide a sound introduction to radon for those with limited experience with the topic.

Did you know radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer behind cigarette smoking?
Attend the session and learn what radon means for you.

Items discussed during the Session:
•What is radon?
•Health effects of radon exposure
•Health Canada guideline
•How and why to test for radon (short vs. long term testing)
•What if my residence/workplace has high radon levels?
ScheduleJun 06, 2013 8:30am to 10:30amFeesNo charge

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I inspect on both sides of the border and it’s simply amazing to notice the difference in awareness on radon! Canadians need to become much more aware of the real dangers of radon. In Canada, around 3,000 a year die from radon.

Good point Roy.


Now that I can agree with!

I test for Radon but i have to ask.

Do these 3,000 death certificates say Cause of Death: Radon ?

**More info **

Radon Risk and Cancer\

While at Home Depot, I saw those Radon test kit and decided to give them a try.

Just got the result of a 3 months test of my home, 692 Bq/m3!

I never thought it would be that high…and my son live in the basement.

So I increase ventilation (HRV & furnace circulation fan on 24/7) and will test again in the fall.

Marcel, in the US, those tests are short term only. They are not intended for a 3 month test. I suspect your results are invalid. Even so, good call on improving the ventilation. It can never hurt having more, cleaner oxygen in the home. :slight_smile:

Or you could of spent your money on an ECHO system.
and call a PRO!!!

Home Depot does sell a long term test it.


I perform a 48 hr. test and if the result is over the limit, I then advise the client to do a longer test. That’s what seems to be the best, in the U.S and Canada.


Yes Michael and Gilles but PRO-LAB will tell you this test should not be done by you as a Home Inspector unless you are a Certified Measurement Provider for Radon testing.
The book IAC2 provides is 310 pages long and the exam is very hard.
Just being IAC2 does not mean you are accepted to do these tests.

I have taken the training.

It was not cheap

I did not take the test because my state does not require a cert.

My home was part of the Health Canada survey for Radon. The unit used was the passive Alpha tester and the test was performed for 3 months. My results in southwestern Ontario in a 105 year old home was 15 Bq/m3.

Health Canada advises that a test of one month duration is the minimum length of time for accurate results with a one year test being the optimum.

RADON - A Guide for Canadian Homeowners (Health Canada)

Home Depot sells both tests which are Alpha-Track.

The short test is recommended for Real Estates’ transactions and the long term test (3 months to 1 year) for a more accurate measurements, which is what I used.

I don’t do radon testing with my inspections but I’m considering offering it in the future…

Bang on Bryce and in line with the on line training provided in partner with

Gotcha Marcel. I have not seen the long term kits in my local stores as of yet.